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Celebrating a decade of Northbound

When I started breeding a decade on seemed so far away. But doesn't time fly!

Reflecting on where I am and what I have achieved, what I would do differently? There is so much I have learnt and am still learning, and will keep on learning.

So what would I have liked to change in the last decade...

- moving house for one. I dream of walking around my own fields with a mug of tea, watching the sun rise with 101 doodles and a giant Wolfhound (maybe not going to happen!). The house move definitely on the cards though.

What have I achieved in the last decade...

  1. the first UK breeder to import and breed phantom marked doodles,

  2. the first breeder to breed and import roan patterns,

  3. the first breeder to join WALA when it started in 2018,

  4. to commit to continuing personal development through courses both in person, and online from canine health, to genetics, advanced breeding and dog training with the IMDT,

  5. to never ever drop my standards of being an open and honest breeder with the health of my dogs coming first and foremost,

  6. still supporting my Northbound owners a decade on,

  7. having glamping and weekends away with Northbound owners (its a muddy affair!),

  8. importing dogs from Europe, America and Canada to improve and create variety in my lines and keep in-breeding percentage low,

  9. importing frozen semen for future use in the next decade of Northbound,

  10. running a successful guardian home programme,

  11. an informative Northbound Puppy Guide issued to all owners,

  12. a supportive and friendly private Facebook group for Northbound owners,

  13. and for the dull but important parts....council breeding licence compliant, tax registered, Ltd company status, GDPR compliant and registered with the ICO and an individually tailored database just for Northbound to make sure all dog, health tests, owner details and documentation is held and recorded appropriately.

It's been a busy old decade that's for sure, and I look forward to every single month over the next decade making new friends, new professional relationships, learning, developing and most importantly watching my beautiful dogs turn houses into homes and create happy memories.

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