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My Dogs

All my dogs have been carefully chosen to join my Northbound breeding family.  This starts off via early analysis making sure the pup has the right conformation, head, bite, teeth, tail and temperament. Not every dog in a litter is suitable to be a breeding potential.

Once the puppy is chosen they will then go through strict health testing for;

PRa, Vwd, DM, EIC, IC, DNA profiled, colour tested and then hip and elbow scored plus BVA eye tests.  

Only once all the tests have passed will the dog be fully eligible to begin their important role. 

Medium to Standard Size 19-23"

The 19-23" family of dogs include the striking stud Clark,  handsome Silas, and the amazing roan coloured Morse and a wonderful compliment of girls in red and chocolate solid colours.

I personally like this size group because they do mature into lovely gentle giants.

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Large Mini to Medium Size 16-19"

The 17-19" family of dogs include the playful Amos and steady Shep, plus a selection of my medium girls across a variety of solid colours, and patterns in parti, phantom and roan.

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Future parents from 2024 & 2025


For all enquiries please use the CONTACT page,

or email at 

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