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Australian Labradoodle Puppies


Northbound ALD's, as per all Australian Labradoodle breeders, have a strict spay/neuter policy contract.  When taking on a puppy from us, you will need to adhere to the contracted terms.  

I personally prefer the Early Spay Neuter method which was utilised successfully prior to Covid.  I always promote neutering, I believe a neutered dog is a much better pet and reduces the likelihood of unwanted behaviour.  There is no need for a dog to remain entire.

My recommendations are: females to be spayed at 6-8months old prior to their first season.

Males to be neutered at 6-8 months to avoid negative learnt behaviours linked to hormones.

BVA (British Veterinary Association)


Everyone everywhere has an opinion on neutering, here is a quote from the British Veterinary Association website; 'BVA believes that there is no current scientific evidence to support the view that the spaying of bitches should take place after the first season.'

Microsoft Word - Neutering of cats and dogs.docx (

Your Vet

Some vets neuter early, some at 5.5months, some at 6months, some at 8 months and some at 10-12months old.  It appears from years of listening to owners that there is no consistency and often the vets are not listening to the owners, their preference and the environment the dog lives in. 

I have heard of vets recommending behaviourists for entire male dogs displaying hormonal actions that just need neutered. I have heard of vets advising that a bitch should have a season despite living with an intact brother. 

Sometimes common sense is what's needed. 

Keyhole Spay.JPG
Female Key Hole Surgery


Slightly more expensive than a normal spay, (c.£100-120 more), keyhole surgery is quicker, less invasive, and a much faster recovery period.

This is an operation I always recommend due to the ease of recovery. 


Most vets do not offer keyhole surgery, so do utilise a larger vet practice that does.  Your vet will not be offended if you go to a different vet for a procedure they cannot offer. .

Most females after the keyhole spay are out walking on lead by 5 days days post operation.

Keyhole Spay Post 3 days.JPG

The attached images show a 6month old Australian Labradoodle on the day of spay (upper photo) and 3 days post spay (lower photo).

Benefits of a Female Spay


Reduces risk of mammary tumours as the relative risk of mammary tumours increases progressively with each successive season.

Pyometra and other uterine diseases are avoided - unspayed bitches can develop pyometra later in life, which then requires life-saving surgery.

No false pregnancy, which is common in bitches and can occur after each season. It can result in distress to the bitch and anguish to the owner. A bitch undergoing a false pregnancy may produce milk, lose her appetite and exhibit adverse behavioural problems.


The season/heat/bleeding cycle occurs about every 6-10 months in entire bitches. During this time bitches have to be kept away from other dogs and walked under close supervision.


'BVA believes the benefits of spaying a bitch outweigh any potential risks that are involved with the procedure.' 

Benefits of a Male Neuter

Neutering a male dog does not change their temperament, it usually enhances it by making them less likely to stray after bitch scent and therefore easier to mange recall wise. 


It stops excessive and unacceptable sexual behaviour towards bitches, people and inanimate objects


Medically it prevents testicular tumours and reduces the possibility of perianal adenoma or prostatic hyperplasia.

Ultimately it makes for an easier pet

(For all the old school men out there, no they do not need their balls, and no they do not miss their balls.) 

Surgical Suit

I recommend a surgical suit for a female recovery.

For males a surgical suit can also be worn or a pair of boys underwear with the 'hole' for the tail. 



All pups, (including puppies by other reputable Australian Labradoodle breeders), will undergo neutering before leaving for their new families, or be issued with a solicitor drawn spay/neuter contract, there is no negotiation on this. This is to ensure the breed is developed properly by committed breeders.

Young dogs recover quickly from the neuter procedure wanting to play, eat and toilet, and with non of the negative effects seen on older dogs.

It is a well known and accepted fact that neutering your pet is a good idea.


Neutered dogs make better pets, they are less aggressive and because they are not driven to find a mate, they are more focused on you.  

They are also found to be much healthier with a lower risk of reproductive disorders and many cancers.

The reasons for neutering are compelling :


  • Overpopulation in animal rescue kennels.

  • Better-behaved pets. Neutered pets rarely scent mark, roam and fight.

  • Majority of bites involve un-neutered dogs.

  • Healthier pets.

    • ​ Neutered males don’t have testicular cancer or the prostate problems common in intact dogs.

    • Females spayed before their first heat season are at much less risk of breast cancer, a common cause of death. They have no risk of uterine infection, or phantom pregnancy, or the many complications associated with seasons, pregnancy, whelping or raising a litter.

  • It’s safer. Mortality rate is minimal and complications occur less.

  • It’s easier on the pet, anaesthesia time is shorter and recovery takes only a couple of hours.

  • It completely eliminates the possibility of accidental litters or even intentional breeding by uneducated owners or worse case by puppy farmers.

  • It allows the best puppies to continue to further the breed with the focus on temperament and health.


The bottom line is fewer unwanted pets, and fewer ill-bred dogs.


Any questions, please contact me on / 07711 950825

Black Australian Labradoodle
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