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Applying for a Puppy

Thank you for reading this post, I hope to provide clarity regarding the stages of application.

Hopefully you will have enjoyed looking through My Dogs page and looked at photos and descriptions. The Planned Litters 2024 page is also a great read to understand what I have planned, size and anticipated dates.

The next stages are simple;

1) Please complete my application form

2) Once received I will email you back to arrange a zoom call on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

3) We will chat for around 30-45mins and discuss litters, temperament and suitability for your home, as well as answering your questions and showing you my dogs and home.

4) Following the Zoom call I will email you a summary of our conversation with my payment details.

5) If you are happy to proceed please confirm via email and send the waiting list deposit through which confirms your place on my waiting list.

You will be updated with emails every few months, and also made aware should a puppy be returned and seeking an immediate home.

We will look to identify 2-3 suitable litters in case a girl does not fall pregnant or is removed from my plans.

Once your preferred girl is in season to be mated the following happens;

1) you will be emailed to confirm she has been mated with a rough date guides,

2) you will be emailed once she has a pregnancy scan four weeks later and more definite dates given and at this stage I will need a stronger commitment from you.

3) Once the pups are born you will be emailed out too:

  • confirm number, sex, date born.

  • dates of puppy choosing

  • dates of collection

  • when I have booked in 1st vaccination at 7 weeks old,

  • the date YOU need to book the 2nd vaccination at 10 weeks old

  • details of a courier service if required,

  • request for a definite commitment and transfer of the second deposit to confirm your place on the litter.

If I do not receive a response within four days from the litter announcement, your opportunity will be passed to another home.

Once your place is confirmed you will be:

1) added to a litter Whatsapp group,

2) added to an private owners Facebook group

3) emailed a thorough puppy guide written by myself

4) added to the puppy camera, on for around 10hrs a day.

5) weekly emails sent

6) regular photos and videos taken

7) a pet puppy including spay/neuter contract is sent once your puppy is chosen.

I support my owners with a blunt, non-nonsense approach to make sure that my puppies are given the best lives possible.

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