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Testimonials 2012-2020


Thank you... all my wonderful owners who have left references across the years and have come back for a second dog.

I am forever grateful to be a part of so many of your lives. 

All are thought of fondly as friends and part of the Northbound family.

ROSCOE, 2020

When my partner and I were researching different breeds to train as a therapy dog for autistic children it became apparent that Labradoodles were considered the breed ideally suited for this purpose.

Once we began corresponding with Johanne I was greatly impressed with the knowledge and compassion she has for these remarkable dogs. We arranged a visit to meet both Johanne and her dogs. This further put us at ease and also allowed us to ask many questions and to meet the soon to be mother of our puppy.

Once the mating occurred we received weekly fascinating updates on the progression of the pregnancy and when the pups were old enough we arranged a second visit and brought along our autistic nephew. With help and guidance from Johanne we chose our canine companion and it wasn't long before we welcomed him into our home.

Roscoe was pretty much house trained on arrival and we were provided with the daily schedule he had followed at Northbound (the work that Johanne does with these pups made his transition to our household really smooth).

Now with a lot of breeders this is where your contact with them will dry up. Not so with Johanne. The aftercare she provides is truly amazing. She's always available to answer any query and allay any concerns you may have.


And what of the dog?

Well he is one of the most affable animals I've ever dealt with. He is a quick learner and very adept problem solver.

He adores and is adored by my nephew and I'm confident will make the perfect therapy dog once his training is complete.

BARNEY, 2020

Finding a good breeder requires research and a degree of luck. Johanne was the only one we contacted who responded to our message quickly and positively. How lucky we were!


We visited in January 2020, met Petra, our future puppy’s mother and the rest of Johanna and Steve’s labradoodle family. Lovely, affectionate dogs and so well behaved!


I am sure Johanne was assessing us and fortunately we passed the test. For Trudy and I listening to Jo talking we had made up our minds without ever really having to discuss it.


We were not first time Labradoodle owners but in the short time we were there we learnt so much (especially about the matching and mating process, it is a science). That learning process has continued through the Northbound family, the website is used by many if not all the owners of Jo’s puppies and one never feels isolated or unable to ask a question. Jo answers emails almost before we have hit the send button. The information pack (containing all the basic information one could ever want), contract details (stringent and clear but written to protect the dogs) are totally comprehensive, easy to follow and continue to be referred to even after 6 months.


Barney arrived, kindly delivered by Steve in February. Because of the lockdown we had not had a chance to make a choice but relied on Johanne’s judgement. He arrived and settled very quickly, a little crying on the first night (10 minutes) and now once he goes in his crate we don’t hear from until the morning. House training and recall was easy, a few wet accidents but he was well on the way to being dry when we got him ….only 8 weeks old!


Obviously we followed Petra’s and subsequent dogs’ pregnancies on Facebook and watched “midwife Johanne’s” love, care and attention for the mums and the puppies. It is extraordinary and reflects in the puppies, their excellent health, their easy transition to new homes and their personalities.


We cannot recommend Johanne and her Australian Labradoodles too highly, you will be a very happy owner if you are lucky enough to get one of the puppies.



Well, it is now nearly 18 months since Barney was born and we have had him since  April 2020. It hasn’t all been plain sailing, we went through the biting stage and “considered” a one way return train ticket to Manchester! Now looking back, how could we ever have seriously considered giving him up. In truth we never really did and we have been rewarded with the most loving dog. His recall is fantastic, he travels happily in the car and has been as far as Scotland, he loves going for walks, makes friends with every dog and human he meets but always returns when we call him or whistle.


Barney wasn’t brought up with kids, our grandchildren live in London and Covid meant few visits but he has bonded with them and is a perfect companion, he seems to understand that they are only little people. Equally, he seems to know and distinguish puppies and older dogs and is more gentle in his play.  


He is still a scamp and loves teasing us when he pinches our socks. He has never destroyed anything except paper and tissues but he will steal anything he can get his mouth on and then it becomes a game of tease. His favourite is balls other dogs are playing with….we have acquired a bag full over the year and we now carry a spare to give to sometimes slightly irate dog owners.

He eats when the mood takes him, chicken wings and meaty beef bones, never out of his bowl, but loads of freeze dried raw food when we are out on a walk. We don’t worry he has boundless energy and will let us know when he wants something.


Barney is a fantastic, fun companion, one of the family. How lucky we were to find Joanne and for her to accept us to have one of her puppies. The ongoing support one gets from Jo and through the website is second to none, we live 200 miles away but have never felt as if we were on our own, just ask and advice and reassurance will be there in no time. 


We know where we will go if we are ever looking for another dog!

LUXBY, 2020

From the time I first called Johanne and spoke with her on the phone I valued her as a no nonsense yet easy to talk to, vastly knowledgeable and greatly passioned breeder of ALD’s.

Jo has been consistent and approachable throughout the process of reserving a pup, meeting with her and chatting through what owning one of her puppies entails, to choosing the right pup for my home, and then the delivery of a wonderful, well adjusted, healthy and confident 8 week old pup (had to use a courier because of covid19).

The care and attention Jo puts into not just the breeding of her dogs but also into the support of the new owners of her puppies is nothing short of remarkable. She walks so well the tightrope of being supportive and knowledgeable with invaluable advice and information, without being pushy, always putting the health of the pups at the forefront but allowing new owners to develop the relationship with their new dog, a relationship which will last throughout their lives.

I encourage anyone thinking of getting one of these fun loving, intelligent and willing to learn dogs, to research well the breeder you choose and I feel certain you will, like me feel grateful to have chosen Jo and Northbound.

As an experienced dog owner and former veterinary nurse I wish all dog breeders were a model of Johanne and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

chocolate australian labradoodle.webp
BARNEY, 2019

We’ve had Barney for nearly 5 months now and everyone comments on what a great dog he is. Easy to train, great nature and pretty much unfazed in any situation – and he’s gorgeous of course! We, (well mainly me) were a little apprehensive before we got him because it’s a long time since we’ve had a dog in the house but I needn’t have worried.


Johanne prepares all her new owners so well, with a wealth of information before you collect your puppy and ongoing care and advice for as long as you need it. She asked for a fair bit of info before we went onto her list for a puppy and I can see why – she really cares about all her dogs and wants to make sure they are going to responsible and caring homes.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her if you were thinking of getting a puppy.

Cream Standard ALD.JPG
BAXTER, 2019

We’ve had Barney for nearly 5 months now and everyone comments on what a great dog he is. Easy to train, great nature and pretty much unfazed in any situation – and he’s gorgeous of course! We, (well mainly me) were a little apprehensive before we got him because it’s a long time since we’ve had a dog in the house but I needn’t have worried.


Johanne prepares all her new owners so well, with a wealth of information before you collect your puppy and ongoing care and advice for as long as you need it. She asked for a fair bit of info before we went onto her list for a puppy and I can see why – she really cares about all her dogs and wants to make sure they are going to responsible and caring homes.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her if you were thinking of getting a puppy.

LULU, 2019

We’re so pleased we chose Johanne as our breeder. Not only do you get the most wonderful puppy but also an amazing amount of support at all stages of the process.
The passion that Johanne has for her dogs and their health and wellbeing convinced us we had found our breeder and we haven’t been proved wrong. Lulu has been with us two weeks and already we can’t imagine life without her, she’s an absolute joy.

RALPH, 2019

We have a Petra and Walter puppy from Johanne and can honestly say we couldn’t have wished for a better dog. Having researched Australian labradoodles online, I made some calls to a few breeders but just loved Johanne from the start. Her dedication to the dogs is evident from first meeting her.

We have had so much help and advice and it doesn’t end once the dog comes home- Johanne is always contactable for even the smallest of worries or questions.


I couldn’t recommend Northbound Labradoodles highly enough.

ARLO, 2019

When we first started looking at getting a puppy all we knew was we wanted a labradoodle. After starting to research it soon became evident that an Australian labradoodle was what fitted our criteria.

Then it came to researching breeders and from the very first conversation I had with Johanne we knew she was the breeder for us. We have been in regular contact and 2 years later we have our puppy (once we found northbound we were more than happy to wait for as long as it took for there to be a puppy available, as we just wouldn’t go elsewhere).

The work that Johanne puts into her puppies before sending them off to their forever home is evident from the minute you collect your puppy, and the support and advice doesn’t end there. Johanne is always an email or phone call away. She provides a puppy pack full of helpful information, and even tells you what to expect from your puppy and when.

Would I recommend Johanne as a breeder? Without a doubt!

SYDNEY, 2018

After many months of research I decided the Australian Labradoodle was the dog I was looking for. I looked through many websites and decided that Northbound was the one that stood out.
Northbound offered expert genetic knowledge, rigorous health testing all wrapped up in a home environment. I contacted Johanne and was invited to meet her and the four legged family. What a welcome…well balanced friendly dogs who all said hello then went about their routine. Johanne has a passion and love for this beautiful unique breed that is outstanding and this shows.
My pup was practically toilet trained when I picked her up. The care Sydney received in the first few weeks of her life is obvious. She is confident, strong and healthy .

Johanne is with you all the way any help or advice is given generously and at any time.



Johanne cannot be recommended highly enough as a breeder of dogs. She, along with Stephen, create the most perfect environment in which a puppy can thrive. Their interest, knowledge and understanding of Australian Labradoodles is second to none.
If you are lucky enough to be on Johanne’s list,
you can feel confident that your puppy is being given the very best possible start in life.
Johanne spends “oodles!” of time watching the puppies from the minute they’re born so that she can direct prospective owners towards the right puppy.
My 7month old, Freddie, is growing into the most loveable, gentle giant who keeps us entertained with his mischievous antics and who is loved by everyone he meets (unless he’s just come out of a river and they’re wearing white trousers!) He’s proving to be intelligent and very responsive to training. Most importantly, he “fits in” with us as a family, and that’s down to Johanne.

Thanks Johanne.


When it comes to breeding Labradoodles there are loads of commentators who talk a good talk but Johanne makes it happen. She bred for us a gorgeous puppy, Florence, who is perfect. She is strong, healthy and highly intelligent. We would highly recommend Northbound Labradoodles for your next puppy.

PERCY, 2017

Having decided on a labradoodle, we did some research and found out about the Australian Labradoodle, and the European association.
We liked everything that it stood for in terms of maintaining this amazing breed and so we looked for a breeder who was aligned with the association. We talked to two breeders before we came across Johanne, and having talked at length with her about what we were looking for, and our life and set up, we told the other breeders that we had found our breeder of choice. We haven’t looked back since!

It is clear that Johanne absolutely LOVES her job of breeding Australian labradoodles. She goes above and beyond in all her efforts to make sure that her breeding dogs, and puppies have the best possible life they could lead. All the pups are fed on high quality, varied, raw food and Johanne proactively tries to expose the pups to as much “socialisation” as possible before they come to their new owner at 8 weeks.

Living in Switzerland, there were some logistics to consider with the arrival of our puppy Percy, but Johanne became deeply involved in our own situation and helped us to work out how to best transport Percy to Geneva. She even took delivery of some dog supplies for us, and kept them safe for us until we arrived. She has been on the end of email and the telephone for months now, and has set up a close-knit Facebook community who are very active and who help each other out a lot. It has been an absolutely invaluable resource for us! She provides all new puppy owners with a fantastic “puppy pack” which I have had friends comment on as they have never seen anything like it! And she provides you with support for as long as you need it, in my case, that is months!

Johanne recommended that I had some training with her trainer before I took Percy home, and so we booked it and it was honestly one of the best things I have ever done! Being a first-time dog owner it was important to understand some of the basics.
Johanne is an extremely diligent, straight-talking, helpful, proactive breeder, who goes above and beyond to help you. We feel privileged to know Johanne and to know that our puppy is a “Northbound” puppy is a great recommendation. We would not hesitate to recommend Johanne if you are considering one of these amazing dogs.

ANGUS, 2017

We have searched for the right dog for years. Having allergies in the family it was something we expected to be out of reach.
After contacting several Australian Labradoodle breeders we chose Northbound and

Johanne and bombarded her with questions. Her knowledge is superb. She advised us

and updated us from the word go.
Johanne invited us to meet her and her dogs at her home so that these allergies

could be tested. We decided Johanne was definitely the best breeder and made

the 4 hour trip from Bath.

On meeting Johanne and the doodle clan, we instantly knew that we wanted one of

her pups.

Her dogs are not only beautiful but are all such characters and are family pets.

Decision made.

We were on the waiting list from October and Angus was born the following May.
We drove back to Manchester to collect him and from that day our family and world

changed for the better.

Angus is amazing, his beautiful fleece coat to his cleverness. He picks things up instantly.

He is excelling at training classes and is always 3 steps ahead of the game. Angus bounds around full of excitement and fun; he just loves life. His favourite place is the water but equally cuddles in when he’s worn himself out.

We love Angus and he is just perfect. The long drive for us was the best decision we made. Johanne still advises us to this day and I bombard her with questions all the time, she never minds.

Thank you Johanne for our amazing boy.


We got our puppy Stanley from Johanne this July. He is such a fabulous addition to our family, he had brought more happiness than we could have imagined.
He is happy, healthy and a complete joy.

Johanne has provided so much support all the way through the process, giving us every single piece of information we could think of, and some we couldn’t!

HAMISH, 2016

We were first time dog owners and one of the few things we were aware of was that we wanted a Labradoodle. Johanne takes a lot of care to ensure that the homes her puppies go to are good homes and we liked that. We were also confident that we had chosen a breeder who takes a lot of care, leading to the dogs she produces being in excellent condition and having great temperaments.


We were the last family to be accepted on to the list so at that point we knew that we might not have a choice of colour – we had wanted a chocolate Labradoodle but Johanne opened up our eyes to the beauty of all of the colours. We moved up the list over time (due to people’s circumstances changing) and when we finally went to choose our puppy it was a hard decision.
It was a very exciting day when we knew that both Hattie and Anika were pregnant. Johanne kept us up to date with their progress both by email and via her Facebook group. We were delighted when all of the puppies were born safely and we were able to watch them all develop and grow, anticipating which one we would choose or who might choose us.

Johanne is very knowledgeable and she likes to share information and advice with her prospective puppy owners. As much as we wanted a dog we were both conscious of knowing very little about dogs and how to care for them. Thanks to Johanne by the time our lovely red/gold puppy Hamish “Steiff Bear” arrived (he really does look and feel like a teddy bear) we felt prepared for him. He settled in immediately and we feel like he has been here forever. He is admired everywhere we go, his coat and his colour.

An unexpected bonus of having one of Johanne’s dogs is meeting other owners through her Facebook group. It is a really great community where you can watch your puppy’s siblings grow and ask for advice and ideas if there is anything you are stuck with, for example, if you decide to try raw feeding. Also you can learn from the owners whose dogs are in their “teenage phase” or beyond.
We are so pleased that we found Northbound Australian Labradoodles and would have no hesitation in recommending Johanne to anyone looking for a Labradoodle.

BALOO, 2016 & BOBBY, 2019

In September 2015 I started to search the Internet having decided Simba and Coco, together with all the family, would love to add to our animals with another dog. I researched the breed and loved the sound of the Australian Labradoodle. We’d had the privilege of owning our beautiful yellow Labrador, Custard, for nearly 16 years and adored his laid back personality and chilled temperament.

The hard work then began trying to find a suitable breeder! We were so nervous searching the net due to all those breeders out there who breed these precious animals as a business, without an ounce of integrity or compassion for their dogs! Adding to this, our daughter worked for Manchester Dogs Trust and we were so aware of the cruelty around breeding.

I came across Northbound Australian Labradoodles and saw the breeder lived just up the road from our home. I arranged to visit Johanne, having had a chat with her on the phone.

From the moment I met Johanne, I knew I’d found a gem!!

Johanne adores her dogs. She is so knowledgeable in every aspect of the breed and goes to great lengths, above and beyond the call of duty for a breeder, to make sure you are equipped in caring for her puppies, prior to and following collection of your puppy.

She takes time to endeavour you make the right choice of puppy to suit your family and NOTHING is too much trouble for Johanne. You know you can call her anytime with queries and she will always take time to respond.

I have a large family and arranging visits to decide on our puppy was tricky but Johanne was so accommodating bless her.

She is simply the best breeder out there and we as a family, feel so lucky and privileged to have found her!

We now have in our home, beautiful Baloo. We all completely adore him. He has been so well cared and loved in his first weeks of life and this is reflected in his personality daily. He is so gentle, loving and easy going. Nothing phases him and he has settled into our crazy, busy home without a moments bother. He sleeps through the hoover, washing machine, blender and even a party and bumbles about making everyone smile!


Johanne, how can we ever thank you?


You really are an amazing lady and should be proud of all you’ve achieved with this breed so far. The owners of all your puppies, some now grown dogs, should feel so unbelievably lucky to own one of your outstanding dogs.

We want to say thank you for Baloo and we promise we will always care and adore the big bumbly bear of a dog that he is!

TED, 2015

We started looking for another dog after the sudden loss of our 14 month old black lab, Simon, to a heart defect. I didn’t want to rush out and just buy the first available puppy, I wanted to take my time and do my research as it had to be the perfect puppy to live up to Simon’s memory. I also realised I didn’t want another black male labrador as I thought I might struggle with pup being so similar to Simon. I do love males and blacks though, so when a friend showed me a picture of Johanne’s litter, I felt it could be the perfect compromise.
I did some research on Australian Labradoodles and was soon convinced that this was the breed for us, especially their calm friendly temperaments which I felt would be a good match for our remaining, slightly skittish yellow labrador Molly. She had struggled with the loss of Simon as much as I had and needed an outgoing steady friend to bring her out of herself again.

The pups had just recently been born a couple of days before so I doubted there would be any pups not yet reserved but Iteddy contacted Johanne anyway, to ask to be considered for future litters. The final thing that was very important to me was to find the right breeder. I love all things dogs, walking them, boarding them, reading about them, talking about them, and I wanted a breeder where contact didn’t end with the handover of the puppy. After a lovely long chat on the phone with Johanne, we just hit it off and realised we shared a lot of the same views and opinions about dog rearing. Johanne revealed that she had in fact got a space for puppy parents left, so I was over the moon!

As we were late on the list, we didn’t know if we would be getting a boy or a girl, only that he/she would likely be black, which was fine with me as I was secretly hoping for another black boy. As it turned out that’s exactly what we got! Over the next few weeks before puppies were assigned, Johanne and I got to know each other well and so when it came to it, I felt confident enough to let Johanne pick the right puppy for our family.

And Teddy is the perfect choice.

Not only is he growing into a stunning dog, his personality is perfect. He has already won a number of rosettes and the judge particularly commented on what a lovely temperament he has. My daughter is growing into a dog lover and Teddy has been a perfect addition to allow her to develop her handling skills. Wherever we go, either for walks or to the shows, people ask about what breed he is and fawn all over him.

I have recommended Johanne as a breeder lots of times already!

When out for a walk, he is the most lovely companion, he loves to play with the other dogs but returns regularly to trot at your heels; his recall is fantastic. He and Molly have got on famously from the start and Teddy has succeeded in helping his older sister get over the loss of Simon. He is the brightest dog we have ever had and learns commands and tricks so easily it’s as if he knows instinctively what to do. Everyone that meets him instantly falls in love with him and my husband, who has had various breeds over the years, now declares he will never have anything else!

I would not hesitate in recommending Johanne as a breeder, she puts so much effort into the dogs and puppies it’s untrue and she is always on hand to give advice or whatever you need. When you take one of Johanne’s pups you become part of the Northbound family.

BRUCE, 2014

Deciding to get a labradoodle…

We knew for about two years that we wanted to get another puppy to be friends with our older dog (a lovely blue merle collie called Gizzi). We put a lot of time and research into exactly what would be the best match for us and for Gizzi, and we have a long list of potential breeds we were working our way through. We knew that we needed a really happy, almost bomb proof dog because our collie is a little highly strung. But we also wanted a clever dog who we could train, and one who enjoyed a lot of exercise so the pup could keep up with our existing routine.


Too much to ask?

One day my husband came home and said he had met a lady whilst walking Gizzi who had the most beautiful dogs, and they were Labradoodles. And had I considered a labradoodle? Immediately the research began. Fortunately I bumped into Johanne myself shortly after, so my husband wasn’t present to give me the hard sell – he was already smitten! All my research online suggested that this was the perfect breed for us – clever, energetic but a bit ditzy. Johanne’s pooches certainly confirmed this!

I can’t even remember now if I had made my mind up before the puppies were born or afterwards. We knew we wanted a boy, and ideally a chocolatey one (I had intentions of naming him Cadbury). When the litter arrived I was so excited! They looked like tiny little guinea pigs. Johanne kept us up to date daily on their progress, with loads of pictures, and every day a different pooch was my favourite. When it came to pick our pooch, we were one of the last to pick, but when we went to see them it didn’t matter – all preconceptions went out of the window! Immediately I fell in love with a little black girl, the absolute opposite of what I thought I wanted. She had already been picked, otherwise I am sure I’d have snuck her out of my jumper then and there.


There were two brown boys to choose from if we still wanted that, but by now we had no intention of picking a pooch based purely on physical characteristics. We wanted a naughty little rascal! So, we based it on who seemed to want us. As it turned out, this was to be one of the chunky brown boys. He was a tiny little man, and he was lovely. So we picked our boy. By this time, my husband had decided he would be called Bruce, after Bruce Springsteen. And he did look like a Bruce.


The first few nights and settling in

We had a puppy book from Johanne which we studied in advance of picking Bruce up, which gave us lots of tips for bringing your puppy home. ‘We’re old hands at this’ I naively thought. However, on night one, the book came out. Bruce was upset, you see. He missed his brothers and sisters, and he wasn’t sure about sleeping in a crate all alone with some big strange collie eyeing him. And the book said on the first few nights he would be ok in a tall-sided box in our bedroom, so we snuck him up in the middle of the night in a box filled with towels, and he finally settled as I lay halfway down the bed, with both arms in the box. Nothing else would settle him!


Night two, I decided we’d play hard ball. Crate all the way, little man! I gave up, sort of, and slept alongside the crate on the floor of our dining room that night as he still seemed unsettled. So on day three, we spent the day crate training. We essentially put him into the crate over and over again, with toys and treats, over and over again, for 2-3 hours. I  timed his squeaking, and we got him down from 27 minutes to about 15 seconds. That night he went to bed downstairs and settled right down. Since then, he has been a star – so long as he still gets his bedtime treats!


It almost seems an ‘incidentally’ point – but he and Gizzi were pals from the start. How could you not be? This tiny bundle of fluff, she warmed to him straight away. Immediately (and I am not exaggerating) he had a huge beneficial influence over her temperament. Having him around, being daft and happy, has really calmed her down and she seems much more settled now.


Fast forward to 6 months

I thought we’d bought a puppy. We’ve bought a teddy bear. A big, flumpy, happy teddy bear. I adore Bruce. He is a real mummy’s boy! From his first little walk outside to his full off-lead walks today and his dog training, Bruce has been a star. I’ve been surprised at how good he is – he almost seems deliberately polite. Until he steals your shoes. Yes, Bruce really loves shoes. Your most expensive, preferably.


We took Bruce to training as soon as he could after his vaccinations. He absolutely excelled – the trainer thought I’d been pre-teaching him, but he just seemed to know the score! He is a perfect little gentleman and was moved up to the Bronze level Kennel Club Good Citizen training after just 4 weeks of puppy school. He has also learned to high-five, which is my favourite thing.


He has made friends with lots of other dogs, big and small, and has wonderful confidence. I think this is why he has had such a calming influence on our older dog. He makes friends with everyone he meets, which seems to make her worry less about meeting new people. He is a great little ambassador.


He is a big ‘un, I’ll give him that. From when he was still with Johanne to now, he loves his food. Johanne said he liked to shove his littermates out of the way to get extras. And at just under 6 months, he is already the same size as our collie. He isn’t overweight, he is in perfect health; most of him is fur! He needs regular brushing, and we tend to blow dry him a couple of times a week on account of him getting soaking wet every morning on our 6am walks. He went for his first hair cut the other day, and a little girl asked her mum if he was a bear – I can’t argue with her logic!


I have absolutely nothing but praise and love for Bruce, and all of Johanne’s pups have become wonderful young dogs. It was evident when the pups were still living with Johanne that Johanne was incredibly attentive to their needs, and this has really paid off in well-adjusted and incredibly happy little pooches. I brought my parents to meet Bruce when he was with Johanne, and they still claim that all his wonderful nature and ability to pick up training is a direct result of his excellent early start in life. I like to think I have also had a hand in it!

Now I just need to figure out what further training we are going to do. I think he’ll be great in agility or something similar. Or as a huge floofy hot water bottle to sit on my knee each evening – he has already been practicing for that.


Best bits

His amazing big soft paws

His really happy, bouncy, happy nature (did I mention happy?) 

His big wiggly butt

That he already appears to know all the training (how?)

His giant floppy ears

His happy, friendly demeanour with new people

How great he is with children, adults and other dogs

Very easy to bribe with treats

Unlike lots of pooches, he hasn’t chewed a single thing in our home beyond a little corner on the stairs in his first few weeks.

He is basically perfect, except for…

(Very) minor warnings

He really likes stealing shoes. He doesn’t seem to chew them much – he just wants them to be his B3

His beautiful thick fur means he does soak up a lot of moisture and dirt – expect to clean the floor more often, and you’ll need a stock pile of dog towels

You will want the pooch to sleep in your bed. He is like the world’s best teddy bear hot water bottle. On colder evenings you’ll really wrestle with yourself about letting him sleep up with you.

JASPER, 2014

We can’t quite believe we have now had Jasper for nearly 3 months, it feels like he has always been part of the family, and he has settled in really well.

We wanted to write and thank you for what an incredible job you have done with the breeding of Jasper, he is growing well and has lots of admirers, his regular trips up to Lewis’s school have both children and parents alike fussing over him, and we are constantly being stopped and asked about him when we are out for walks.


Your advice and guidance throughout the whole process of choosing our four legged companion has been fantastic, we bombarded you with questions and queries as we searched out our ideal breeder and puppy, and you have always been quick and comprehensive with your replies and guidance, as a result of this we feel that we were as well prepared as we could be for when Jasper came home with us.


What has also been so reassuring for us is that this help has not stopped 

once we picked Jasper up; it has made the whole experience of owning 

a new puppy a lot easier than it could otherwise have been.

When we picked Jasper up at just over 8 weeks old, he was already 

used to sleeping in a crate, and we never had a single accident over 

night with him, yes we had the whimpers at bed time, but having gone 

cold turkey on him, by the second night he settled quickly and soon was 

challenging who could snore loudest in the house! Toilet training was a 

breeze, as Jasper had already been used to going outside, and the only

accidents we had was when we took our eye of the ball!


On your guidance and advice right from the start we had Jasper getting 

used to new experiences, be that with other dogs in our back garden which we knew were inoculated and safe from parvo, to carrying him around the local garden centres or up to Lewis’s school, as a result Jasper is growing up to be a confident and well balanced dog with nothing seeming to phase him. Jasper has been quick to learn, and again on your advice we had him off lead as soon as he was allowed out, and this has paid off massively, with us being able to recall him up to now really well – we will see how this continues as he goes through his teenage phase! Once again on your advice we have had Jasper enrolled in a local puppy training class, which he continues to excel at, and he is now working towards his bronze award, and in doing so is often showing up the older dogs.

Not to sound too much like a school report, but Jasper is showing great potential to become exactly what we were looking for from our dog, what with his laid back attitude, his quirky loveable ways, as well as his ability to learn new things.

We feel that we have landed very lucky with Jasper, but then sometimes you make your own luck, and we do feel by us doing all the right research at the outset and then choosing yourself as our breeder of choice perhaps luck had less to do with it.


For any other potential puppy families that are considering you, we can only say, if you want a breeder who obviously genuinely loves her dogs, and wants the best for her pups, be this by giving the new families comprehensive guidance on the likes of feeding, training, veterinary care, grooming, exercise, puppy socialisation – the list goes on; then look no further –


Johanne is the breeder whom we would most certainly recommend.

One very happy puppy family.

If you have any questions at all, please contact me on / 07711 950825

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