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Thank you... all my wonderful owners who have left references below.

I am forever grateful to be a part of so many of your lives. 

All are thought of fondly as friends and part of the Northbound family.

SYDNEY, 2021

David and I had dreamt about getting a dog for years, but we were not in the position to because of our jobs. In March 2020 on returning from a sabbatical we decided that now was the time. I wanted a labradoodle. My sister had had 2 lovely labradoodles in NZ so decided that this was the breed for us. I joined the Facebook group - Labradoodle Club UK - and started looking for breeders.


Johanne really stood out because of her directness and her passion for her dogs. That's how we ended up with Sydney our ALD. I chose the breeder which was the most important aspect to me after hearing all the horror stories about disreputable breeders. Johanne vetted us and made sure we were right for her dogs; I can imagine that some don’t make it past the first interview .


The preparation Johanne gives to her puppy owners, from the moment you engage through to post getting your puppy is amazing. She is there and will give you her advice and opinion on anything you need support with afterwards.


I feel lucky that we found her and would not hesitate to recommend.

REGGIE, 2021

Whilst I’ve never met Jo in person due to COVID, I feel I know her quite well due to the amount of conversations I’ve had on social media and direct messenger.   

When we bought our first ALD 5 years ago we had already decided we would want another, it was simply when.  What we knew was we would not buy from the same breeder.  If we were doing this all again, as a first time dog owner I would certainly have choose Jo as her step by step, no nonsense, direct approach support and training tips to help have the best dog you could have I believe is 2nd to none.   

You will need to put a lot of work in and Jo expects nothing but 100% from you.  She is clearly knowledgeable and at times it feels that her advice is not sympathetic to your concerns but her non fluffy approach will give you the most gorgeous, loving, energetic dog and trained dog that you could ever wish for, who will join you on all your family adventures. 

I won’t lie having a second dog is and has been a shock to the system. Very early mornings, an energetic and highly intelligent puppy at times has driven us all to have the conversation ‘have we done the right thing? He is hard work which we simply had forgotten from 5 years ago.   

The Northbound puppy pack of information is really helpful and the private FB page filled with other owners has been great for tips on sometimes what seems menial questions.  Daily training, a routine and sheer determination has got us to this place where we feel the worse is over but we always know that we can contact Jo at anytime in our journey for a chat and some helpful tips.   Would we highly recommend Johanne, yes.

PIPER, 2021

We couldn’t be happier with our little lady and can’t recommend Johanne Northbound enough. The guidance and advice leading up to our ‘gotcha’ day was invaluable and knowing that we can get advice and help from her at anytime is always reassuring. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her dogs and we can’t wait to be double doodle


POPPY, 2021

Cannot recommend Northbound highly enough. Beautiful dogs, amazing

temperament, well worth the wait. Poppy is everything I hoped for and more,

so much so I’m going to get another next year.

Johanne is honest with potential owners she wants the best for her dogs and

as soon as I spoke to her I knew she was the real deal. There are so many pitfalls in purchasing a puppy, honestly Northbound are one of the very best.

Cannot recommend highly enough

DAPHNE, 2021

We can highly recommend Johanne Northbound as a breeder. Her knowledge, advice, ongoing support and outstanding breeding skills is just what every owner needs. She breeds excellent puppies with first class temperaments and she really does care about the welfare of her puppies and who they are homed with.


We’re so grateful to have our beautiful Daphne from her, who is so smart and gorgeous. Thank you x

CLARA, 2021

Northbound produces amazing natured puppies who are easily trained.

New puppy owners are heavily supported before puppy comes home and

afterwards as well. Advice is always freely given and it’s clear that Johanne

deeply cares about all her puppies and dogs. Not only do the dogs look

amazing (and get comments wherever you go), the dogs are funny, easily

trainable and intelligent.

HERBIE, 2021

I have always struggled with human companionship, but since I got Herbie from Johanne, my life is now complete. From a little bundle of joy in the back of my car to my now best friend that I could not be without. It is very hard raising a puppy. Being honest, as a first time dog owner I thought it would be easy but it’s not, you have a little four legged friend dependant on you now for the next 10+ years. To raise a puppy into a dog, you need time, dedication and love. Johanne is welcoming, loving and a supportive breeder offering help 24/7. It is lovely to keep in touch with other northbound dog owners and guardians and being part of a community. 


Johanne breeds loving and amazing quality dogs with wonderful personalities and without Johanne I would not have Herbie. My little partner in crime!


WILLOW, 2021 

From the first enquiry through the wait list period and ultimately becoming a new puppy owner Johanne has been fantastic. The amount of information provided to new owners is almost unbelievable! Johanne has her own no nonsense approach to advice and is always available to support her owners. I honestly don’t know where she finds the time! It must stem from the love of her dogs which is clear to see.

MURPHY, 2021

Upon my first contact with Northbound and Johanne I was so impressed with her knowledge and time she spent with me discussing the Australian Labradoodle breed. Johanne is an exceptional breeder of exceptional dogs. The minute you speak to Johanne or visit her you can immediately see that she cares for her dogs and has only their welfare and that of the puppies at heart, so I knew for sure Johanne was the breeder for us.

She kept us informed at every stage and really prepared us for the arrival of our puppy with written guides on what to expect when you bring your puppy home, feeding and grooming.

Even months after having our puppy I know I can contact Johanne and she will be able to give me advice, which I find invaluable.

Thank you Johanne for breeding such amazing, joyful dogs. And for anyone thinking about getting an Australian Labradoodle, don’t hesitate in using Northbound, we have had the best experience and now have the most wonderful dog of our own.


DOTTIE, 2021

I would absolutely 100% recommend Northbound Australian Labradoodles if you’re seriously looking for an ALD to join your family and Johanne is an amazing breeder with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

We already had an ALD and wanted a second, however, we were anxious about finding another breeder as the experience with our first breeder was far from pleasant and the after support was non-existent. From the first phone call with Johanne I felt at ease and confident that I had found the right breeder for our second ALD.

Unlike some other breeders, Johanne immerses her puppy owners in the lives of the parent dogs through regular updates and Facebook posts/photos which is fantastic. Once you’ve been confirmed a pup from a litter born there’s a very supportive owners group, led by Johanne, who are invaluable for those ‘am I doing this right and what do I do about this..?’ Questions.

In addition to all the benefits as an owner, the pups Johanne breeds are of excellent character and temperament. She will tell you exactly which litter you should be on based on your lifestyle (some pairings produce more energetic pups than others). We went into this wanting ‘this-that and the other’ but ultimately Johanne guided us towards our perfect pup - trust her instincts and the process, she really does know her dogs and their suitability to certain homes.

It really is worth the 2 year wait for one of these amazing pups. They’re not just ALD’s, they’re NORTHBOUND Australian Labradoodles.

COLIN, 2021

Delighted to say that Colin passed his puppy manners course with flying colours. He is now booked on to his obedience training starting this Saturday. Doing the puppy classes has really helped us get through the Mouthing stage relatively bite free as we use the training to redirect him.


You did warn us that it would be tough but the training really helped.


The next stage of the  training will get us through the teenage phase. It was invaluable with our older dog Patch. There were times when I really did think Patch was untrainable but now he’s 16 months it’s really kicking in and his progress is speeding up every week. I’m so pleased I kept going with the training after the puppy stage. Having face to face access to a professional dog trainer every week is brilliant as Isabelle knows my dogs and gives good hints and tips.


Your advice to new puppy owners to attend dog training is spot on.

If you have any questions at all, please contact me on / 07711 950825

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