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Searching for a Puppy

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Find the right breeder


The first piece of advice I give anyone who calls me not look for a puppy, find the RIGHT breeder.

 It is easy to become caught up in puppy madness and the desire to have one right now and within an hour from home.

STOP this is where it can all go wrong.

Buyer beware


There are numerous breeders springing up who claim to be 'genuine' or 'true' Australian Labradoodles.

In fact they do not have the correct lines, they have the wrong breeding parentage.

Always ask questions.



A pedigree (family tree), should show lines going back to Tegan Park or Rutland Manor, the original founders of the Australian Labradoodle.


A breeder should be able to show you the pedigrees and discuss every dog on there; the breeding lines, who was shipped over to the UK by who, when and why.


A good breeder will know their lines absolutely inside out.

Pet Spay/Neuter Contract

Australian Labradoodle breeders who are breeding for the longevity of the breed and sustainability of the breed will use ESN or enforce a strict solicitor drawn neuter contract.


This allows the breeder to take the right breeding puppies forward, to keep the coi down and to work cooperatively with other breeders across the world to improve and embed a breed standard with diversity, quality and soundness. To create a breed standard and healthy lines takes years and it is only through committed breeders that this happens.


ESN has been occurring for well over 30years in the U.K. (longer in the USA and Australia) with no adverse effects.

​Early neutering is a fantastic operation and those who do it cannot speak highly enough of it, and wish more breeds would undertake it.

I recommend that my dogs are spay/neutered at 6-8months old, and it is from over 15years experience that I advise this. 

Health tests

An Australian Labradoodle breeder will thoroughly health test the parents of the puppies.

If it is found that the dog fails a health test, or is not sound enough, then despite the money invested already, that dog will be withdrawn from the breeding programme.


This is what separates the good and experienced breeders from others.


A committed Australian Labradoodle breeder will never knowingly breed dogs who are affected with genetic conditions, epilepsy or Addisons in their lines.

There are sadly Breeders who knowingly do this. This is why finding a reputable experienced breeder is vital.

Breeder commitments


Committed Australian Labradoodle breeders talk to each other, in fact we can happily spend hours waffling on discussing pedigrees, coats, tests, new studs, new bitches, new litters… We adore what we do.


I talk to breeders across Europe, America and Canada. We invest in the future and think nothing of importing a dog over to bring the best quality to our lines.

However, we would never ever contemplate letting our studs be used willy nilly, or advertise them on generic pet sites. Most often these are not true Australian Labradoodles.  


Our girls are so important that usually before they are 6mths old we already have their suitors lined up from our own studs, or we drive them to Europe or use imported semen.


I would never contemplate finding a Tom, Dick or Harry stud on a pet website.


Breed Associations


I have previously belonged to 3 European and International Breed Associations.


I may re-join one of this associations in the future, but for now I will continue to maintain the high standards I have always achieved for over 10 years. 


Waiting lists


Australian Labradoodle breeders will usually have waiting lists booked 6-12mths in advance with available puppies only from an unexpected larger litter size or should a home be unable to progress with a puppy.

Be prepared to wait

Puppy contracts


Like myself, other Australian Labradoodle breeders will have puppy contracts, puppy packs, puppy advice literature, reading lists and we WILL be there for you every day.


I also take the puppy/dog back should there be a change in your circumstance in the future.

Australian Labradoodles are Expensive

On several occasions I have imported breeding dogs from America, Canada and Europe  to invest in the longevity of the breed.  I know that going forward for the next decade of Northbound that the puppies produced with be absolutely exceptional and will bring great lines together for future breeding that may well be used across Europe and overseas.  


This is the passion, commitment and a reflection of what separates breeders who are looking to the future and striving for the best health, temperament and genetic diversity.


It is important, crucial in fact, to ask your breeder difficult questions.

Ask to see each and every certificate. Ask about the pedigrees, ask why they are breeding, question everything.

If you find the right breeder, then you will have found the right puppy for you.

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