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Guardian Homes References

I believe the best socialised puppies, who make the best family dogs come from dedicated breeders like myself whose puppies are born in the home and are much loved members of the family. My puppies are born, brought up in the home, loved and socialised from the minute they are born.

My reasons for seeking Guardian Homes in the future is due to the logistical problem in the above scenario – most home breeders can only accommodate a limited number of adult dogs. So, for a small home breeder like myself once I have reached this limit there are only three options to consider as keeping dogs outside in kennels is just not an option I would ever consider and Australian Labradoodles as a breed do not cope well in kennel environments.

Guardian Nancy, 2018

We have been a guardian home for Nancy for almost 2 years now and it has been the most amazing experience.


We brought Nancy home in July 2018 and the support, guidance and knowledge Johanne has provided us with is second to none. Without her knowledge and expertise we would have struggled with all aspects of being a puppy owner. She is always available to speak with for a friendly natter or to ask questions about diet, training and any struggles we have faced and this has been an amazing help.


Johanne is not just a breeder, she goes above and beyond for her dogs. Always keeping us up to date with new training programmes, new food recommendations and everything she does is always to benefit her dogs and their owners.

I could not recommend Johanne highly enough and we are so grateful to be able to be a guardian home for Nancy.



There’s good breeders and then there’s Johanne at Northbound Australian labradoodles! She goes above and beyond to be a responsible ethical breeder and as a result breeders the most wonderful dogs which would be an asset to any home lucky enough to give one their forever home.

Clearly Johanne’s priority is her dogs and making sure they go to suitable homes. Dogs can be very different and therefore, not every dog is suitable for every home. Johanne is an expert at placing the right pup with the right home, weather you are very active, have young children or just want an easy to have around companion. As she is a very busy lady she may come across as blunt or stern when asking questions about you and your life (and she wont mind me saying this) but this is for your and the wonderful dogs’ benefit. Be open and honest and you’ll get the right dog for you.

I have two girls approx 9 months apart in age, not only are the right for me they are right for each other and bring out the best in each other and me, they have both brought so much joy to mine and my families lives. They are beautiful, clever and intelligent. They need consistent training and mental and physical exercise.

If you are lucky enough that Johanne decides she has a puppy suitable for your home she’ll make sure you have all the support you need to make taking your puppy home a success. She provides an electronic puppy guide and if you read this thoroughly you’ll be left with very few questions but if you do have any or need some clarity she’ll be there to answer them. She offers a facebook owners group were she and other northbound owners are there for support (and to show cute dog pics) and organises group walks in different areas, which are always fun. Johanne offers support throughout your dogs life not just while buying your puppy and she does this because she wants what is best for the dogs she lovingly brings into this world.

I am in other social media groups related to ALDs and often see a question asked and I think to myself, if Johanne was your breeder you’d know that. Johanne is also in some of these groups and i see her answer peoples questions because again for her its about the dogs being happy and healthy not about who bought a puppy from her. So yes, if Carlsberg did ALD breeders it would most definitely be Johanne at Northbound.



​I cannot recommend Johanne highly enough. Trustworthy, informative, helpful both before and after you bring your pup home.


Stand out for me though is how much Johanne cares about where her puppies go. She brings her puppies into the world and loves and cares for them from the minute they are born, and that never stops. She has a wealth of experience and is always available with advice whenever you need it. Her dogs have fabulous temperaments which she understands so she places the right pup with the right family.


Her dogs are so fantastic the only cautionary note I would give is that you won’t want to stop at one!!


I've known Johanne for many years and didn't hesitate to ask to join her waiting list for a doodle. Little did I know that Johanne was seeking a guardian home for Silas, something we'd never considered doing, and within a fortnight he was living with us.  He's an absolute dream!

Johanne is really supportive and we know she will offer advice and support whenever we need it. 


Being a guardian needs thinking through, there is a bigger sense of responsibility keeping an expensive breeding dog safe and being on the lookout for dogs on heat.  And you must be prepared to fit in with the health and feeding requirements (which we didn't find onerous but some might, raw feeding is not for everyone!). The network of guardians is also great for support too. Johanne's a straight talker, you know where you are, and I like that!


Johanne's commitment to her dogs, her pups, guardians and their owners is second to none.



I have known Johanne for over 8 years when I started the search for a labradoodle puppy as a companion for my first dog. Ruby was a puppy from Johanne’s first litter but even at that point, Johanne was knowledgeable and took every care around breeding and matching prospective owners and puppies.

Ruby is now 9 and such a good dog. 3 years ago when my first dog sadly died, I became a guardian home for Molly. Having known Johanne and her dogs and the way she operates and pays attention to detail to everything she does, I did not hesitate to become a guardian when Molly became available.


 If you are looking for a labradoodle, I highly recommend Johanne.

If you are seriously interested in taking an outstanding quality Australian Labradoodle into your home, at no purchase cost, as part of the future Northbound breeding programme and would like to know more, please do email me with some information about yourself and we can meet and explore our options further.


I am SEEKING GUARDIAN HOMES in the North area.

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