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Worldwide Australian Labradoodles

It came to me the other day just how many of my dogs are from overseas.

I have imported four dogs from two different breeders in Canada.

I have two dogs from Finland.

A dog from the Netherlands.

Plus some lovely studs on ice from America.

Why do I do this?

It keeps my inbreeding percentages low.

It develops my lines in different ways physically and in temperament.

I build great relationships with other breeders.

I look to the future of the breed.

Who benefits?

You the buyer.

You can be reassured that I have scoured half the world to find the best dogs I can, that I believe in for the future of Northbound.

My only regret.....I do not have a 50 acre estate to keep a puppy from every litter living with me. (If anyone has any great grandparents looking to leave several acres and a country house to a worthy course....please pass my number on !!)

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