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No Sex Please !

When speaking to a breeder for the first time, a home may feel they need to be specific about what they are seeking and can often approach a breeder with a fixed idea of the dog they are seeking and whether the future pup is to be male or female.

When deciding on the sex of their dream dog, I have had homes come up with the following reasons why;

  • I can only think of boys names.

  • I have two female cats, so a male puppy would even it out.

  • There are three male humans in my house so I want a girl puppy.

  • I want a girl because I want to buy pretty pink collars and leads.

Just stop !

Whenever someone tells me what sex puppy they want, I ignore them.

I am the experienced breeder with almost 15years of living and breathing Labradoodles. I know my lines, I know my dogs, I know their temperaments.

Unless a home has an existing dog that may influence the gender requirement, then your desire for a male or female is of absolutely no interest to me.

For me it is all about the temperament and suitability to the new home.

I'll say that again...

  • Temperament is more important than the sex of a puppy.

  • Temperament is more important than the collar colour you choose.

  • Temperament fit is more important than the sex ratio of the cats, hamsters, gerbil, fish or people in your home.

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