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Welcome to the new look !

After a a lot of effort the new Northbound ALD website is up and running.

Thank you to Simone at SH Graphic Design for her brilliance and to her own Northbound Doodle, Steve, who makes an appearance in a few of the photos shown.

Thank you to my owners for submitting photos, there were so many to choose from, and I have to say, I breed some stunning dogs, and you walk them in beautiful settings!

A lot of answers to puppy seekers questions will be in this website. It is very text and content heavy for a reason; because I feel that the 12-15year commitment of taking on a dog is important, and that a future home should feel confident about the breed they are taking on, and have trust in the breeder they invest their time, money and emotion with.

Enjoy....and please do feed back if you notice any snags.


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