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Talking Allergies

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

8 out of 10 emails I receive mention wanting an Australian Labradoodle because they are hypoallergenic.

No dog is ever hypoallergenic due to the fact that allergies are exceptionally complicated and with dogs someone could be allergic to coat, dander, saliva or a mix of all of them.

I myself have dog allergies, although I have grown over the years to have a tolerance to having multiple Australian Labradoodles in my home.

I take several precautions though, these are:

  • taking antihistamines for about 5-6 months a year,

  • always having the windows slightly ajar for fresh air to circulate,

  • wash the dog beds weekly

  • use plastic dog beds with a quick washable blanket/vet bed inside

  • keep my dogs groomed short to reduce dander and grooming time,

  • when I groom, I do this is a ventilated area and immediately wash my clothes afterwards plus hoover and damp dust,

  • never ever let the dogs upstairs and onto beds,

  • never let the dogs lick my face or hands

In the video link, I talk a little about allergies and cover some of the areas listed above.

If you do have severe allergies, you must meet the adult dogs, you must groom and handle them whilst you are at the breeders house, and always expect a reaction once you take a puppy home into your sterile environment.

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