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Puppy Shopping List

Where to start....

The excitement has been building, your puppy has been born and now you want to spend, spend, spend to make sure your new family member has everything he/she could possibly dream of.

Thankfully 17years of doodle owning experience, and having owned an online dog shop before, I know what's good and what is a total waste of money.

New owners receive from me a 90 page puppy guide...yes I am trying to condense it, but its evolving at an incredible pace. In this guide I list pretty much everything you need, plus website links with where to buy from.

Here's a quick list to future owners who may like to financially plan their spending or for owners who haven't got the luxury of my ongoing support.

Crate - 36" or 42" depending on size of the dog, no less than 36".

Clip on water bowl for the crate.

Collars - Red Dingo or Ruffwear (small and medium for puppy and adulthood)

Leads - Red Dingo, Ruffwear or Halti. Don't buy puppy leads, they are a waste of money.

ID Tags - x2


GPS tracker


Vet bed, cheaper to buy on a roll and cut into sizes you need.

Plastic oval dog bed, last forever and easy to clean, plus better for dander/allergy sufferers.

Air Filter - Levoit is the make I use and recommended for allergy sufferers.

Dog bowls - raised, x2, metal and ideally c9"/22cm in diameter. No need for puppy bowls or small bowls, dogs have big mouths and we need to make it easy for them to eat.

Poo Bags - lots of !

Grooming - I like the Groom Professional range for slicker brush, comb, scissors, nail clippers and shampoo. Clippers, I use the Andis Two-Speed range.

Coats - Equafleece for the winter and Ruff n Tumble for drying.. Great brands, expensive but they last !

Dog Blaster once puppy is 6months old plus. Lots on the market so choose according to your budget.

Toys - Kong, Sodapup, MKB, Tug-E-Nuff.

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