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Litter Lists and Plans

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Just a quick note about how I am allocating my litters now.

For the last 8-10 years I have allocated families to specific litters.

However having had a flurry of smaller litters in 2019, this meant that some homes did not receive a puppy immediately, and the following lists were fully reserved. Then I had some homes wanting standard chocolate girls only, and others wanting small phantom or parti, and they were placed on multiple lists which then artificially filled up lists.

To make my litter allocations fairer and simpler, I noted over the last year a definite divide between families wanting a mini-small medium size, and those wanting medium to standard size.

So with this in mind, I have set up two master lists;

16"-19" which is mini to small medium/medium size


19"-23" medium to standard size.

Homes will be advised of upcoming litters and will be allocated in date order. Doing it this way on a trial basis should mean homes taking on puppies sooner.

Homes can be particular about colour, and again I always say temperament is far far more important than colour and sex. My girls can throw different colours, so a chocolate girl can have chocolate, black and caramel pups, just as my white and black girls can have the same.

Most of my girls follow the same bloodlines, so there is no difference taking a puppy from Nora, Mabel, Sybil, Molly, Ethel, Bess or Dolly.

My future plans are:

16"-19" sizes

Mid 2022

Nancy & Magnus - chocolate parti.

Winter 2022

Margot & Amos ? - red or black

Bonnie & ?

Early 2023

Mabel & ?

Hilda & Amos - choc, black and caramel parti/solids

Mid 2023

Elsa & Amos - red or black

19"-23" sizes

Mid 2022

Molly & ?

Sybil & ?

Winter 2022

Bonnie & ?

Dora & ?

Dolly & Clark - chocolate and caramel

Early 2023

Bess & Clark - chocolate and caramel

Bridget & Amos or Shep

Mid 2023

Jovie & Morse - chocolate parti roan

Do bear in mind these litters are planned and mother nature can intervene with girls not falling pregnant, or small litter sizes.

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