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Garden space

All breeders have their own personal quirks in what they deem to be the right and suitable homes for their puppies (and some couldn't give a damn).

What all breeders of Australian Labradoodles agree with is that these dogs need a garden space. I have sadly turned down to two absolutely brilliant homes this month due to the fact they have no garden, just a balcony attached to a flat, or no balcony at all.

My puppies are outside in the garden from 4 weeks old. Dogs love being outside in the warm spring mornings, chasing snowflakes in the winter and doodle dashing after a play with the hosepipe.

A garden doesn't need to be huge, but dogs, and my pups must have a secure outside garden, with high fencing and space to doodle dash, snuffle and enjoy the scents or a garden.

I am sorry, but a balcony or a flat is just not suitable for one of my puppies.

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