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Dogs are Animals not Fur Babies or Teddy Bears!

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

What is she ranting about now, I can imagine some of my regular website readers will be thinking.

Its not a rant, but a definite observation.

Growing up I spent years running around farm fields and being surrounded by sheep, cows, horses, dogs, cats, birds of prey and everything in-between. Walking down to the village shop for some Cola Bottles with friends, a calf and a Kestrel was quite the norm. We never had phones and social media thankfully, and we cycled everywhere, left home after breakfast and returned for dinner.

I learnt via the farms I played on about the circle of life, dead animals feeding the birds of prey, cows and sheep die and feed us, foxes eat chickens. Life is born, it is respected and valued.

The dogs I spent time around were working Collies. They had a job; up in the morning and straight into the back of the pick-up and a day rounding up sheep. Then back home for tea and a mooch around with the children.

The Collies were valued members of the family, they had a role, were treasured and respected for their intelligence and contribution.

Never once did we try and sit on a dog, we didn't pull their ears (we'd probably have been clipped round our ears if we had!), we didn't disturb them when they were eating and if the dog curled up in a corner we didn't bother them or go running to the hills wailing about why the dog is not playing.

We respected that animals need space and can have their own needs.

Now....bleeding heck!

It's.... 'I'd like a fur baby with white toes, sparkly eyes and a happy nature. I'll have an Asian Fusion facial hairstyle and a pink collar with dots and a bowtie. I'll buy a flurry bed that claims to decrease anxiety and I definitely do not want a white dog because they might look dirty.'

It's a dog !!!!! Not a build a bloody bear !!!

In the last few days I've read posts on social media commenting on the following:

'my dog had a spay 24 hours ago and she isn't her happy, playful self.'

'I don't let my dog off the lead and we walk for 20mins. My dog doesn't seem happy anymore, what's wrong with her.'

'when I lock my puppy up in a crate all day he cries and bites the wire, how do I get him to be quiet.'

'when my puppy mouths me I pull his tongue to stop him but he still does it.'

When did we (I appreciate that's a mass generalisation) stop showing common sense.

Lets take the Australian Labradoodle and its parent breeds.

POODLE - water dog by nature bred for hunting and retrieving waterfowl, webbed feet, highly intelligent, active

LABRADOR - a gundog retriever with energy and intelligence.

SPANIEL - also a member of the gundog group, with good scenting skills and an active busy nature.

IRISH WATER SPANIEL - another water retrieving gundog with webbed feet and an active intelligent nature.

CURLY COATED RETRIEVER - another retrieving gundog with a lovely of water and a high energy and intelligence.

The Australian Labradoodle is a dog that can really pack a punch in terms of intelligence, trainability and love of being outside.

Whilst breeders have selectively bred to reduce the high prey and chase drives, they are still dogs that respond well to gundog style training, to being outside, swimming in water, and running through fields and woods with their nose to the ground.

Please understand the breeds and their traits in the ALD before you ask a breeder for a teddy bear with white paws and sparkly eyes.

If my dog wants to sleep in the hall away from the family, I let them.

If my dog doesn't want to eat her food in the morning, that's fine.

If my dog finds a dead chick and races around with it in her mouth before rolling blissfully on it...its not ideal...but she's a dog and this happens.

If my dog digs a hole, well its not ideal, but that's what dogs do.

If my dog walks away when I stroke her, that's fine.

When the lawn has burnt wee marks, that's fine because no one can change the high nitrogen content in a dogs sodding urine no matter what Wilma on Facebook says !

Let dogs be dogs, respect and understand the animal in your life, and give them the life they deserve.

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