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2022 Puppy Plans

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

To date these are my litter plans below.


I am hoping to mate the following medium and mini litters in the first four months of 2022:

Mabel, Hilda, Nancy.

The middle of 2022 I expect to mate small mediums, medium and standards with;

Molly, Sybil, Dolly

The final four months of 2022 I hope to mate predominately standards with some mediums;

Bess, Ethel, Dora.

In early 2023 I expect to have first litters from Elsa, Jovie and Cassie plus Nancy's last litter.


My breeding girls are now 4th generation Northbound, plus my imported dogs from America, Canada and Europe. This makes Northbound ALD UK one of the best and most established breeders in the UK.

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