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Cora is half-sister to Cassie and the two girls are like peas in a pod.

Cora has the same stocky, square build that is inherited from Mum and a confident, playful, intelligent nature. Cora is one of life's social butterflies and loves people, children and other dogs.

Cora has lovely chocolate fleece coat and also carries for the parti/tuxedo patterns.


Cassie lives in a guardian home with Sybil and Mabel nearby for playdates.

Cora will have her first litter in 2024. 

Her suitors are still to be confirmed, but we could consider, Amos, Silas, Shep or Morse!  What a great choice for Cora.

Size:  Medium 19”/ c.16kg

Coat:  Chocolate, fleece

Testing Hips/Elbows: OFA • Eyes: BVA • Tested For: PRa, Vwd, DM, EIC, IC.  bbEeSspKBKB
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