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Training...I forgot...

You have spent months scouring the internet researching dog breeds.

You have found me as your breeder and waited 12months for your beautiful bundle of love.

You have complimented me on my dogs temperament and training.

So why....when you collect puppy and I ask if you have signed up to your puppy class ready to start when pup is 12 weeks old do I hear;

'the classes are fully booked...'

'I haven't looked yet..'

'I tried calling one but they did not answer the phone...'

To a breeder, our immediate thought is, how invested are you really in raising this puppy? You have had at the very minimum 8 weeks to find a training class, maximum a year. There is no excuse.


Now this may come as a surprise, but dogs don't speak our language and we don't speak dog!

This means when you are looking at the backside of a puppy shouting 'sit, sit, sit' you really are being completely ineffective.

The best way to bond with your puppy is through training.

The best way to have a well behaved dog is through training.

The best way for you to understand your dog and vice through training.

When my puppy owners say to me 'my dog won't heel, my dog pulls on the lead, my dog won' dog can't...' My answer is always, have you attended training classes? No, then I advise you attend training classes so you learn how to train your dog effectively. It really isn't rocket science. Dogs, contrary to popular belief, are not trained through the power of thought or fairy dust.

Remember watching Crufts on TV, and seeing 100's of dogs being beautifully loose lead walked to heel, the agility competitions, the flyball, the guide dogs..... those dogs are no different to your puppy. The only difference is the investment the owner decides to put into training.

Dedicate the first year of puppy owning to attending dog training classes, and that effort will pay off for the next 12-15years of the life you have together.

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