Bonnie is a wonderful new addition to the Northbound family and came to join me all the way from Canada, and from a great breeder I’ve admired for a few years now.

Bonnie is a wonderfully calm and sociable girl who is relaxed in the home but adores a really good run around when out on her walks.  She has an exceptionally gentle nature and a desire to please.  

Her best buddy in my house is Hilda, and together the two girls make a sweet little pair, playing and snuffling around together.

She is a lovely deep caramel colour with pretty white markings.

Registration:  WALA00024197

Colour:  Caramel parti carrier, fleece

Size:  Medium c.18” c.13kg

Hips:  OFA Good

Elbows:  OFA Normal

BVA Eye:  BVA Clear

Tested for:  PRa, Vwd, DM, EIC, IC 

Genotype:  bbee Ssp

eZy Watermark_18-12-2019_01-35-26pm.jpg