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Implanter Qualified

As a breeder and a professional, it is important to me to keep learning and progressing. This can be in the form of reading, research, Zoom CPD and more recently microchip implanter training.

I found myself in a tricky situation during lock down when for a brief period the vet services were limited and I was struggling to have my puppies micro-chipped.

It is important to comply with the law for all pups leaving their breeder to be micro-chipped and registered on a recognised database, but to also make sure if they are ever lost they can be reunited when found.

In the last couple of weeks I have undertaken theory and practical tests and am fully qualified as a puppy microchip implanter.

This means should we ever have a lock down situation again, that my pups will always leave me micro-chipped and registered.

There are never problems, only solutions.

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