Clark is my new super stud. 


He is a very steady, affable, bumbling, easy-going boy.  I am absolutely delighted to have such a rock solid temperament joining my lines and this will pass to his offspring.  When playing with the young puppies here, Clark showed himself to be very gentle, and with visiting children he has a natural desire to play, please and bond. 


I am absolutely adore this dog so much. He is stolen my heart completely. 

Clark will be living in a guardian home with one of my Northbound dogs for company.

Registration:  WALA-00034539

Size:  Small Standard, c.22"

Hips: Fair

Elbows:  Clear

BVA Eye:  Clear

Tested for: PRa Vwd DM IC EIC 

Genotype:  bbEe-SS- kbkb-ayat

chocolate labradoodle.jpeg
chocolate ald.jpg
ALD breeder.jpeg