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Breeding with honesty & integrity
for healthy, happy family pets

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Northbound doodles

My Australian Labradoodle puppies, like my dogs, are raised in my home. 

A well rounded puppy starts off with a knowledgeable and dedicated breeder. 

At Northbound we are passionate about our dogs and will 'interview' every prospective home to make sure you understand the breed, the responsibility of raising a puppy and the likely 15 year commitment.

My Girls & Boys

My dogs originate from established and recognised Australian Labradoodle breeder lines.

Since 2012 I have responsibly bred for temperament and health, whilst staying true to the breed standard and protecting its future development.
I am exceptionally proud of my dogs
and the wonderful puppies they produce, plus their owners whom I consider my friends.

For healthy, happy, family pets...

Having owned Australian Labradoodles since 2008, I am dedicated to the development and longevity of this wonderful breed.  

With pride I stand by the breeding I undertake with honesty and integrity.  My dogs are bred for temperament and health first and foremost. 


The Australian Labradoodles you see on this website have joined me from Canada, America, and across Europe. 

It is my aim to breed the best ALD puppies I can through careful selection and to continue being one of the best breeders in the UK.  



In the first week of April I will have a lovely medium to small standard puppy available.  This is from one of my favourite lines and will be a wonderful addition to a fantastic home.

Please see my Available Puppies page for full details.

Black Northbound Puppy
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Established in 2012, I have owned, lived and breathed Labradoodles now for over a decade.  I'm considered one of the longest serving professional breeders in the UK with a firm and respected reputation.   

With humour, and a positive, no-nonsense approach, I have educated, coached and guided many puppy owners through the maze of preparation, socialisation, training, grooming and feeding, and look forward to continuing so for the next decade...

I look forward to welcoming you all to the future Northbound family.



I have spent a couple of years admiring the Bernedoodles being created by a number of Australian Labradoodle and Bernedoodle breeders across the world. Having watched this cross develop, I have decided to take the plunge and start my own Northbound Bernedoodle line. 

As ever I will be completing full health testing and making sure the temperament is just right. 

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What my puppy owners say...


As an experienced dog owner and former vet nurse, I wish all dog breeders were a model of Johanne, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.


 Johanne prepares all her owners so well, with a wealth of information before you collect your puppy and ongoing advice for as long as you need it.


  Bobby has been so well cared for and loved in his first few weeks of life and this is reflected in his personality daily. He is so gentle, loving and easy going. 

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