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Available Puppies

Puppies ready for homes August 2023

I have had a very surprising and unexpected period of my dog Mums second pregnancy scans showing double the number of pups expected compared to the first scans.  This means that I am in the unusual position of having puppies available for homes, the details are listed below.


Bridget & Shep - 3 puppies available.

Cassie & Morse - 3 puppies available.

Please use the APPLICATION FORM to apply or discuss further.

red australian labradoodle

Bridget is due her second litter with the stunning Shep.

Bridgets second pregnancy scan revealed double the number pf pups viewed in the first scan, hence why there is availability.

Bridget is a people focused and affectionate girl, yet active and capable of long walks as well as being a running companion. 

Shep is a playful dog and calmly confident.  Shep responds well and enjoys advanced training that can use his brain and nose. 

Pups will be medium to large medium with straighter non-shedding coats.

Puppy collection is late August. 

Choc Parti Roan

Cassie is due her first litter with the happiest dog in the world, Morse. 

Cassie was bred by myself and a 4th generation Northbound girl.  She is sweet, affectionate, loyal and a great example of the ALD breed.  

Morse is 100mph of happy and adores every living being, he is perfect for active playful children.

Pups will be medium to large medium in chocolate, chocolate parti and chocolate roan. 

Puppy collection is mid August. 

If you have any questions, please contact me on

07711 950825 /

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