Timmy is the third dog I brought over from Canada. I do this to bring in new lines, open up the coefficient of inbreeding (coi), and to maintain my standards in health and temperament.


Timmy’s nickname is Timmy Tank due to his lovely chunky frame and his unbelievably solid, calm temperament. He is however named after the wonderful canine character from The Famous Five children’s stories, a popular read when I was young, and a dog I wanted for his loyal and loving nature.

I absolutely adore this dog. His placid temperament, great eye contact, responsiveness, warmth and exceptionally steady nature makes this boy a super addition to my lovely pack and his future pups will be great family pets.  Timmy is the steadiest dog and ever so placid. He has a genuine warmth and exceptionally companionable nature. 

Timmy’s coat sheds exceptionally lightly which is unusual with Australian Labradoodles, however the coat has been tested with people who have allergies and they have not reacted. In his litters there maybe one puppy who picks up this genetic coat trait, the others will be non-shedding like their Mum.

Registration:  WALA-00019841

Colour:  Chocolate parti / phantom, fleece

Size:  Medium, c18” / 18kg

Hips:  OFA Fair

Elbows:  OFA Clear

BVA Eye: Clear

Tested for: PRa, Vwd, DM, EIC, IC (B)

Genotype: bbEe-ss-kyky-atat-F/IC (carries tri phantom)


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Council Approved Breeding Licence (072765) & Tax Registered

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