Children & Dogs. 

How NOT to behave.

The below image was created by Dr. Sophia Yin and is great to show children and parents of visiting children to your home.

If a child winds a puppy or dog up, or does not allow them to sleep, or eat in peace or relax safely, then that dog will become grumpy. 

It is not the child's fault.

It is not the dogs fault. 

It is you, the adult, who has not set the boundaries, supervised the situation, and given both parties a safe place to be. 

Through repetitive rewards based training of both child and puppy. 

Through patience, time and maturity. 

The relationship with child and dog WILL flourish.


Children & Dogs

The below images were created by the late Dr. Sophia Yin, vet and behaviourist.

These poster resources are great to show children and parents of visiting children to your home.

Children and dogs have fantastic relationships, but only after BOTH parties have boundaries set.

A puppy should never have to put up with being continually picked up, touched, prodded, woken up, having a face in their physical space or hands continually thrust at them. 

It is really unfair on a puppy or dog to have to manage that.

The child must learn to respect the dog.



Australian Labradoodles are fantastic pets and I would trust my well trained dogs 100%.....except for jumping up...they jump up! 

I have spent years and years attending dog training classes and over a decade watching and learning about dog behaviour.   

For many new dog owners, a lot of indications in a dogs body language that show they are not happy, are just not seen until it’s too late.

It is so important to learn to understand your dogs body language. It helps them, and it helps you understand how to help them. 

The attached YouTube video is one I have recommended to all my owners over the last number of years to watch. 

(You may find it better on mute, the lady’s voice is a little annoying!)


The UK Kennel Club has some excellent advice and resources for parents of children, and families whose children will be exposed to dogs.

It is so important to make sure that children have boundaries and learn to respect the puppy and dog as an animal, not a furbaby or teddy bear.   The three Kennel Club posters below are a great resource to share and learn from.