Anika was my second Australian Labradoodle and is my absolute joy.
She has a love of life, a steady temperament and a highly intelligent nature.
Anika is mother to Hattie and Petra. Grandmother to Maisie, Nora, Amos, Dolly, Ethel and Bess. As well as Great Grandmother to their offspring.
Everyone adores Anika.


Maisie was my first guardian home girl and I am thankful to her guardians for their ongoing friendship and lots of cups of tea!  

Maisie is Hattie’s daughter and Anika’s granddaughter.  With Walter as the father of her litters, they have produced some amazing puppies who live all across the U.K. and into Europe.

WALA-00008255 / Alaeu-5382

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The daughter of Anika, Hattie was a puppy from the very first litter I bred and she has been an amazing Mum to her pups, and I am proud to have her offspring Amos and Nora still in my breeding family.  
Hattie is the dog all visitors adore as she will without fail, sit on each and every lap as her way of greeting and testing suitability to be a puppy parent.

WALA-00008261 / ALAEU-3113


Walter was my very first stud and is one of the best.
His temperament, intelligence, comical nature, excellent health and beautiful structure made him one of the best quality studs in the U.K.  
Walter is not retiring without leaving his mark on my breeding family.
He is father to Amos, Nora, Dolly, Nancy, Bess and Ethel.

WALA-00008244 / ALAEU-5708


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