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Northbound's new stud hopeful

Updated: May 15, 2020

Clark, my future Northbound stud arrived this week. It is really important as a breeder to bring in new lines and to keep improving the breed moving forward.

What is to improve, I imagine you thinking. This is not a Kennel Club recognised breed. I agree, but as a reputable breeder I want to improve on some of the following; structure, tail, bite, temperament, maintaining a low coi, this is the inbreeding percentage. Pedigree breeders will complete half sibling, or uncle-aunt, uncle-niece matings. This is not something we do in the Australian Labradoodle world. We aim for a low coi to maintain healthy breeding lines and avoid genetic issues.

This is another reason why breeders early neuter, we make sure that we are in control of taking the best and healthiest breeding dogs going forward. We have learnt from other breeds mistakes and we prioritise our doodles health and temperament first and foremost.

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