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Ready Trained Puppy

One of the joys of owning an Australian Labradoodle, or any poodle cross for that matter, is the intelligence of this breed. They are exceptionally smart and love to please. This makes for a terribly easy puppy to train.

I advise my owners to start training immediately. This means that on the first full day of having your puppy you start on sit, recall and off lead heel work. This is repeated daily, each time proofing the instruction and adding extra instruction. You will be amazed how easy it is and how quickly they learn, and I'm not talking days, this is picked up in minutes.

Some owners say; my dog is stupid, my dog can't sit, my dog can't!!!!! Yes your dog can absolutely do these things. The failure is down to the owners inability to teach, to coach and to proof the training. Harsh, maybe...but completely and utterly true.

One new area breeders are jumping on is to hold onto a puppy for an extra 2-4 weeks and charge you £4000-5100 for a pre-trained puppy. The phrases 'a fool and his money' and 'money for old rope' comes to mind!

Honestly, these puppies are so so easy to train. Obedience classes are fun. 1-1 training is excellent and all these areas help you and the puppy build a special bond. Lets be honest, once the teenage stage hits at 6mths old all the training is thrown out of the window with a flip of the paw!

But hey. If anyone wants to pay me an extra £1000 a week for teaching a puppy to sit, lie down, heel work and recall. Feel free!!!!!!! But for me as a breeder, I want my homes to invest in training, to bond early on with their puppy and to learn the processes of dog training with positive reinforcement, plus making sure that the critical socialisation window is fully utilised with your puppy.

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