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Lock Down Puppy Craziness

What on Earth has happened during lock down?

For puppy seekers and reputable breeders the UK has turned into quite a horrible place right now.

As an administrator on a few Labradoodle facebook pages, and as a breeder taking emails and telephone calls, I can honestly say I am glad I am not looking for a puppy right now.

So what is happening...

People are seeing lock down as a great time to take on a puppy. I understand their reasons why; at home all the time, bored, kids need amused, missing family etc...

But some homes do not appreciate the needs of a puppy and that is; effective early socialisation, training classes, the need to build resilience of being alone so separation anxiety does not take hold, as well as vets working from a far and for emergencies primarily.

Secondly, and worst of all, the ugliness of human nature appears....greed!

Existing breeders are doing the following (and this is true):

- doubling puppy prices to an average £3500

- lying that a litter has died at birth and then re-advertising the pups for double the amount on generic pet websites.

- people claiming accidental litters and selling for high prices with no health testing or understanding of how to raise puppies

- puppy farmers rubbing their hands in glee.

Finally the many people have been shown photos of puppies, paid deposits, then come to collection time...guess litter exists and contact has disappeared.

So what do you do if you want a puppy?


Find a reputable, honest breeder who has not raised their prices over lock down.

A breeder that is still breeding responsibly.

Council licensed registered.

Breed association registered.

Then join their waiting lists knowing that you will not be manipulated by greed and you will be receiving a well bred and raised puppy with health tests in place.

Or wait for a few months and the poor rescue centres will be inundated with rehomed teenage puppies.

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