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I do not sell breeding dogs

Although this is mentioned on another page on my website, it seems that some people do not read my website and like to send random emails and messages wanting to buy a breeding dog.

I, like other established breeders, have sweated blood and tears to create our healthy well-tempered lines. Some have remortgaged their house, others have taken out huge loans to make sure they start off with and import the best lines possible.

When someone buys a dog from me. It is a pet dog only. I do not, and will not sell breeding dogs within the UK. I very rarely sell breeding dogs outside the UK either. My dogs come from well researched lines of sound temperaments and health, via breeders I trust implicity.

I import dogs from overseas and I import semen to create new and exciting lines that appeal to me, and to future pet homes only.

My future new stud Morse (pictured), came from imported frozen semen, and created using a specialist reproductive vet. His mother came from a grandfather imported to the UK from America. His paternal grandfather again came from imported lines. I do not go to these huge lengths to create an amazing dog, to then sell to someone who cannot spell 'Labradoodles.'

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