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Children, Dogs & Mouthing

A lot of my puppy enquiries ask about the suitability of Australian Labradoodles with children.

This breed are great with children; they love curling up on the sofa with them, playing in the garden, having little adventures and maintaining and holding that wonderful eye contact that builds some children’s confidence.

It is important to note that children need boundaries as well as puppies. This includes; never disturbing a sleeping dog, leave them alone whilst eating especially if it’s a high value reward. Children must handle puppies nicely, they are not toys or teddy bears and should not be lifted constantly, pulled, dragged or held tightly.

One phase a lot of breeders fail to mention to their families is the mouthing phase. This is when your puppy hits 10/12weeks old and uses their mouth to test the world which includes your skin, ankles, hands, ears, face, ankles and clothes. You will bleed.

You will be scratched.

Your clothes may develop holes.

Your children will be nipped and scratched.

It is however a phase. With POSITIVE reinforcement training this phase is quickly over by 16-18weeks old.

You must watch children and puppies during this stage!

A good home will research mouthing stage and positive reinforcement training in young puppies.

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