Our Girls


Hilda is my exciting new girl with the real wow factor!  She is a stunning mini, tri coloured, chocolate phantom. Hilda will be the first tri phantom in the U.K. and I am excited to have her from an exceptional and trusted breeder in Canada. Hilda’s first litter around late 2020 is fully reserved.

Registration WALA-tbc
Colour Chocolate tri phantom
Size Mini 15-16”
Hips tbc
Elbows tbc
BVA Eye tbc
Tested for Pra, Vwd, DM, IC, EIC
Genotype tbc


Bess is another third generation Northbound girl and is the sister of Ethel, daughter of Petra and granddaughter of Anika. Bess will see her half sister Nora frequently as both girls are in guardian homes with their human sisters! Bess will develop that beautiful dark chocolate colour going forward and I believe will exhibit her fathers bomb proof nature, intelligence and willingness to please.

Bess will have her first litter in the second half of 2020 with Micky.

Registration WALA-00013851 Alaeu-9472
Colour Chocolate, fleece
Size Medium
Hips tbc
Elbows tbc
BVA Eye tbc
Tested for PRa, Vwd, DM, IC (clear), EIC (B)
Genotype BbEe-DD
         Northbound Teenage Kicks


Hattie was the first born puppy I kept from my first litter, I just couldn’t resist this chunky girl at birth. She was calm, sweet and loving as a young pup; as an adult she is a bright and gentle girl. A complete joy to have in the home. Hattie has taken to training exceedingly well and so far gained her KC Silver obedience award. She is fun to have curled up on the sofa, is great with children and always ends up on the laps of visitors. An absolute star!

Hattie has a very easy to care for coat. It’s silky quality means that not only does it shine, but it is easy to brush through…always handy after she’s had a good roll around in the field. Three breeders have previously asked me why I breed black dogs, they say no one wants black dogs. For me the answer is easy….I love black dogs; the coat is exceptional, the depth of colour fantastic, they age very well, and more importantly my black dogs have great temperaments. I breed what I enjoy to look at and for absolute quality, I will never breed for an ‘in-colour!’

Registration WALA-00008261 Alaeu-3113
Colour Black, fleece
Size Medium 18″ 12.5kg
Hips 5:6
Elbows 0:0
BVA Eye Clear
Tested for Patella, PRa, Vwd, DM, EIC, IC
Genotype BbEe-DD-SS
 Northbound Summer Legend


Petra is the girl I have hankered after for a couple of years. She has a beautiful, dark chocolate, silky coat and is the result of a much anticipated, artificial insemination mating from a well tested and highly regarded stud in America. Her sire was chosen due to his excellent hip score of 0-1, abundance of health tests, proven pups with fantastic temperaments used in therapy and for his non-diluting colour.

Petra has grown into the most stunning girl. I am over the moon with her sweet nature, calm temperament and such an easy manner. She is fantastic with all visiting children. She has a beautiful movement, and a stunning coat. These photos do not do her justice at all, and if I could clone her a dozen times over I would.

Registration WALA-00008275 Alaeu-5376
Colour Chocolate, fleece
Size Standard 22” 18.5kg
Hips 5:5
Elbows 0:0
BVA Eye Clear
Tested for Patella, PRa, Vwd, DM, EIC, IC
Genotype bbEE-DD-SS
Northbound Crimson Charm


Nancy is the daughter of our Walter and an exceptionally delightful girl. Her perfect day is a huge walk on the beach, a quick swim, then a snuffle round the woods and back home for a warm bath, tea and a snooze on the sofa!

Nancy is a chocolate and white parti carrier with broad tuxedo markings. I am absolutely delighted to have her in my breeding programme and to see the interesting markings that she will produce in her future puppies from 2020.

She is a definite favourite with the Northbound dogs and families. Nancy lives in a Guardian Home with one of Petra’s sons for company.

Registration WALA-00008270 Alaeu-8162
Colour Chocolate & White Tuxedo
Size Medium 18” 13kg
Hips OFA Fair
Elbows OFA Normal
BVA Eye Clear
Tested for Patella PRa Vwd DM EIC IC (clear)
Genotype bbEE-DD-Ssp
Northbound Churchills Little Eve


Margot comes from sound parents with good health tests and hip scores. She has a beautiful red, non-diluting fleece coat and a very stocky frame…our little mini bulldozer and an absolute head turner!

Margot has become firm friends with my dogs here and is exceptionally bright and eager to please. She is an all or nothing girl; either busy doing doggy things and wandering around with a toy in her mouth or fast asleep.
Registration WALA-00008235 Alaeu-7782
Colour Red
Size Mini 17” 12kg
Hips OFA Good
Elbows OFA Normal
BVA Eye Clear
Tested for Patella PRa Vwd DM EIC IC (clear)
Genotype Bbee-DD-SS
 Lomondhill’s Bound for Greatness


Maisie is a beautiful caramel girl with a playful temperament and sweetness which she inherits from her mother Hattie. Maisie has a lovely square frame and solid head. Her sire is a stunning Dutch male and was carefully chosen for this mating due to his temperament, health tests and careful breeding.

Maisie lives in a guardian home and has blossomed into a real head turner with her incredibly soft, pretty coat and appealing face. Maisie enjoys her walks and playing with other dogs. Maisie’s final litter will be Summer/Autumn 2020.

Registration WALA-00008255 Alaeu-5382
Colour Caramel
Size Medium 18” 13.5kg
Hips BVA 5:6
Elbows BVA 0:0
BVA Eye Clear
Tested for Patella PRa Vwd DM EIC IC (clear)
Genotype bbee-DD-SS
Northbound Moon River


Ethel is a third generation Northbound girl and is a gentle bumbling, happy dog, just as her mother was when she was growing up.  She is very much a clone of her mother Petra and as such I know she’ll grow up to to be a graceful, elegant and gentle soul.  Ethel is quiet, calm, happy in herself and quick to learn. She is a tall girl and will grow to be a large medium or small standard size.

Ethel lives in a guardian home with another Northbound bred puppy. Following the final health tests we hope to welcome her puppies in the second half of 2020 with our new stud Micky for an all chocolate litter.
Registration WALA-00013850 Alaeu-9471
Colour Chocolate
Size Medium
Hips tbc
Elbows tbc
BVA Eye tbc
Tested for PRa Vwd DM IC (clear), EIC (B)
Genotype bbEE-DD
Northbound Ever Fallen In Love


Nora was an exceptionally pretty puppy in Hattie’s litter and is the sister of Amos, granddaughter of Ani, and the daughter of Hattie and Walter.  Nora stole my heart whilst I was raising the litter and knowing how sweet and affectionate the Hattie pups are, I couldn’t help but keep her for my breeding programme.

Nora is an easy to train girl and very much wants to please. She has a solemn little face like her mother and also inherited her light on the feet speed when running and Hattie’s overall sweetness. Watching her develop will be a joy – and her pups – they will be absolutely delights. Nora lives in a guardian home and will not always be in my home to meet, she will however be popping by for sleep overs so that I can spoil her.

Nora will be having her first litter in the second half of 2020 with Henry.

Registration WALA-00007141 Alaeu-9477
Colour Chocolate
Size Small Medium
Hips tbc
Elbows tbc
BVA Eye tbc
Tested for PRa, Vwd, DM, EIC, IC (clear)
Genotype bbEe-DD
Northbound Little Red