Our Boys


Walter is my little stud muffin, and what a delight he is. I had been searching for months for just the right dog to come into my home at the right time, and finally I found a stud that met my high expectations. He comes from reputable Australian Labradoodle lines with good health testing and sound temperaments.

Walter has a straighter fleece coat, solid frame, sabre tail, super head and shorter muzzle. He is a medium Australian Labradoodle size. Health tests already performed have all come back ‘clear’ so he will not pass on any inherited genetic conditions that are seen popping up in Labradoodle lines.

Walter has developed into a highly intelligent, loyal and loveable cheeky boy. He is just a bundle of endearing happy-go-lucky mischief with a waggy tail. Walter lives in a fabulous guardian home with great walks and doggy pals nearby.

Registration WALA-00008244 Alaeu-5708
Colour Chocolate, fleece
Size Medium 19.5”/49cm  17kg
Hips 4:6
Elbows 0:0
BVA Eye Clear
Tested for Patella, PRa, Vwd, DM, EIC, IC
Genotype bbEe-DD-SS-KBKB-atat
Lomondhills Catch Me If You Can


Henry is a dog I just could not resist; he will grow to a large miniature Australian labradoodle size and will produce beautiful stocky puppies to reflect his gentle temperament and super coat.

Henry has displayed a calm, sweet nature from the moment he arrived with us here, and is wonderful at settling gently on an evening. He is an endearing smiley dog and has a happy-go-lucky, easy way about him. Henry knows no stranger, and is exceptionally sociable and a happy active boy. Henry is clear for all DNA tests and currently living in a guardian home with one of my current Northbound puppy owners.

Registration WALA-00006882 Alaeu-9584
Colour Gold with white markings, fleece
Size Large Mini 17”/43cm  11.5kg
Hips tbc
Elbows tbc
BVA Eye tbc
Tested for PRa, Vwd, DM, EIC, IC (clear)
Genotype BBee-DD-Ssp-KbKy-atat
 Lomondhills Stand By Me


Amos is my ultimate stud. He comes from my stunning jet black line passed down from his grandmother Ani, and mother Hattie who are both owned by myself. I adore the richness of the black colour and the people focused, intelligent temperament of his lines. Amos is currently attending and excelling at obedience training. He is a bright, cheeky chap who is easy to train and with a strong desire to please.

Amos lives in a guardian home with his father Walter and has grown to a small medium Australian labradoodle size. I cannot wait to see this boy grow up, he is just perfect in every way.

Registration WALA-00007133 Alaeu-9476
Colour Black, fleece
Size Medium 18.5-19”/48cm  14kg
Hips OFA  Good
Elbows tbc
BVA Eye tbc
Tested for PRa, Vwd, DM, EIC, IC (clear)
Genotype BbEe-DD-SS-KBKB-atay
 Northbound Back to Black