Nancy is the daughter of our Walter and therefore an exceptionally delightful girl. Her perfect day is a huge walk on the beach, a quick swim, then a snuffle round the woods and back home for a warm bath, tea and a snooze on the sofa!  

Nancy is a sweetheart, she is fun, sparky, up for little adventures but also adores her sofa cuddles. She has also learnt to mimic smiles, and when you smile at Nancy, she smiles back.

Nancy lives in a Guardian Home with one of Petra’s sons for company, and her son Morse.


Registration:  WALA-00008270 / Alaeu-8162

Colour:  Parchment & White Tuxedo, Wool coat.

Size:  Medium 18”/45cm  14kg

Hips:  OFA Fair

Elbows:  OFA Normal

BVA Eye:  Clear

Tested for:  Patella PRa Vwd DM EIC IC 

Genotype:  bbEE-KBKB-ata-DD-Ssp

Northbound Churchills Little Eve