Morse is a surprise stud within the Northbound family.


Morse was the result of mating as we were about to go into lockdown.  I did not expect it to work, then fast forward two months and on the day of labour we discovered there was only one puppy...this magnificent fellow!

Even more unusual is that Morse is turning colour!  When born Morse had a parti coat, and every few weeks we noticed a change.  Now as you follow his photos you will see that he has a different pattern and is in fact gentically a parti, but has a heavy roan/ticking effect.  This cannot be tested for or planned. So Morse is indeed a surprise and an interesting stud to watch develop.

Morse is currently a young puppy, and we will be watching how this handsome boy grows and look forward to seeing his offspring after health tests are completed. 

Morse will be living in a guardian home with two of my Northbound dogs for company.

Registration:  WALA-00037449

Colour: Chocolate roan / parti, fleece

Size:  Medium c.20-21"/ 20kg

Hips: tbc

Elbows:  tbc

BVA Eye:  Clear

Tested for: PRa Vwd DM IC EIC 

Genotype:  bbEE-spsp-KBKBata

roan labradoodle.JPG
roan australian labradoodle.jpg
chocolate parti labradoodle.jpeg
Roan Australian Labradoodle.JPG