Please find images of my Northbound puppies.

Black Australian Labradoodles.  This is a stunning colour and one that is hard to breed properly to avoid dilution. I am lucky in that I have incredibly strong rich black colouring in my dogs and I have to say, they are absolutely tremendous inside and out.


Chocolate Australian Labradoodles.  This is a colour known for its dilution and a colour I have tried to maintain through being selective with my genetics to avoid diluting colours. The Chocolates vary from dark brown through to cafe and lavender colourings. Dilution if it is going to happen will occur around 1-3year old.


Cream to Red Australian Labradoodles. I have unceremoniously popped this vast colour range together. The red, gold, apricots and cream are the key diluting group of colours. Just because a puppy is red or gold when born, it is very rare they keep that colouring unless the breeder mentions the ‘rufus’ gene which accounts for a darkening stronger red with maturity. This is very hard to come by. In this coat range you can find; white, caramel cream, caramel, apricot, gold, red….and a few shades inbetween!


Parti & Phantom Australian Labradoodles. These are colours I adore due to the super patterns. A parti coat will be white/black, white/chocolate, white/grey, white/red. A parti will be approximately 50/50 of each colour.  Within the ‘patterns’ you can find tuxedo markings (large white chest and feet), or just coloured ears with the rest of the body white (extreme parti) and abstract markings where the puppy will have just a flash of white on the chest. Phantom marking can be two colours, or three (tri phantom).


For a specific breakdown on the colour types please do follow this link to the Alaa (Australian Labradoodle Assoc of America) site.