Future Girls

These lovely puppies below will be starting their Northbound breeding careers Summer 2020 to Spring 2022.  They have been carefully selected due to the quality they can bring to the future development and strengthening of the Australian Labradoodle breed.  More information and photos will come as the girls progress through their health testing. 


Chocolate, Medium




Red, Large Medium


Rosie is a beautiful tri-chocolate phantom from Hilda and Timmy. 

Having spent 3 years waiting to produce phantom marked puppies, I just had to keep this chunky pup back.


I do love my black girls, and this puppy is a stunner.  

I keep talking about the Northbound family.  This girl is no exception! Sybil will be living in a guardian home with the Mum of the guardian who has Mabel, who are also related to one of my fabulous and kindest dog owners.


When I started breeding many moons ago now, I really was not a fan of the pale colours.


But the creams and white pups I have produced have definitely won me over and I delighted to now have my second white/cream Australian Labradoodle to add to my future lines.

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