Are Labradoodles allergy friendly?

Yes and no, is the answer to this regularly asked question. Allergies can be caused by hair, dander and saliva, therefore even with a non/low-shedding dog, allergies can occur. The early generations of Labradoodle Origins (F1, F2…) can be heavy shedders, whilst the Australian Labradoodles have a better success rate with allergy sufferers due to the non-shedding nature of the wool and fleece coats.

What are the grooming requirements with labradoodles?

Grooming needs are rather high on the Australian Labradoodle.  The fleece coats require weekly brushing from root to tip as a minimum, then there is ear plucking, trimming of hygiene areas and eyes, paws and beards. Plus the matts that occur if regular grooming doesn’t occur or if you have a water loving doodle!

Some owners will take their dogs to the groomer around 6 times a year for an all over ‘teddy bear’ cut which is easier to look after, others may only visit the groomer 3 times a year for a short cut and maintain the coat through clipping/scissoring themselves. It is important for an early socialisation with a recommended groomer as soon as you collect your pup as this will be easier on them in the long run. Grooming costs can be anywhere from £30-60 each visit.

How much exercise does an Australian Labradoodle need?

For a puppy exercise needs to be limited to protect the joints. This does not mean no exercise, but you should avoid hard road walking, and encourage training, play and off lead exercise. As puppy grows their exercise needs will increase, and once over 12months old the adult Labradoodle can take part in Agility and Flyball classes as well as running companions.

Generally the adult Labradoodle should have a healthy mix of on lead and off lead exercise and no less than 1hr a day. Simply stating ‘I have a large garden and my dog will play there for exercise’ is not good enough for one of my puppies and that type of owner does not interest me.

What type of health problems can Labradoodles have?

The reason why I perform so many tests is to try and breed the best and healthiest dogs I can. I do not believe in performing the minimum tests, and I set myself a high standard and see that reflected in my puppies. However, dogs are living creatures and will suffer from illnesses and infections that I cannot foresee or test for.

However, the most frequent issue I see in Australian Labradoodles are ear infections. Ears need regular cleaning and maintenance.  I will offer advice on ear care for my puppy owners.

Health issues can also be caused by factors such as poor quality foods, over vaccinating, too frequent chemical treatments such as unnecessary monthly flea/worming and over / under exercise.

What can I expect with a new puppy in my home?

Puppies progress through a variety of developmental stages very quickly. Every owner will go through toilet training and shorter sleeping hours until the bladder grows stronger at around 5-6mths old. Then comes the biting/mouthing stages, chewing, digging, teething and jumping up. All of these stages can be managed with time, training, boundaries and patience. Puppies are hard work!

When can I visit the puppies?

Once the puppies are around 5 weeks old, although I will send regular weekly photographs of the puppies development.

When can I collect my puppy?

Puppies should be available to new homes at around 9 weeks old, I do not keep puppies longer than 9 weeks.

Why do you early spay/neuter?

In line with the requirements of the ALAEU and for the development of the breed, the ESN procedure is completed to allow the best pups to continue the future of the breed going forward. I am breeding for the longevity of the breed and to move forward with established breeders to create a standard type, therefore keeping the healthiest dogs with the best conformation and temperament is critical.    It is also to protect the puppies from being bought by those who will, and do, use them for puppy farming.

How do I join your waiting list for future litters?

Please note, I will not accept enquiries onto my waiting list via random texts or one line emails. I expect to speak too and meet (dependent on location) all potential puppy owners as you need to vet me just as much as I need to vet you. I like to have genuine enquiries on my waiting list only, then you are able to follow the progress of pregnancy and your puppies development until they are ready to come home.

When do I pay for a puppy?

I request a £50 non-refundable deposit to join my waiting list, this to to ensure committed homes only apply. A further non-refundable deposit of £350 is required (£400 if initial £50 not paid) to secure a puppy only once the litter is safely born and I know there are enough puppies for each waiting home. The final payment must be received before the puppy is handed over.  Homes returning for a second puppy will receive a discount.

Do you charge different prices for different colours / sex in a litter?

No, the price is the same for colours and sex in a litter.  Howver, I do charge ever so slightly more for an insemination litter (additional £250), this is due to the exceptionally high costs to import the semen from abroad, the freezing proces, the import flight over, import taxes, storage costs and finally the insemination procedure.  These litters are rare, but unique and very special.

How are puppies chosen?

Puppies are chosen in the order the family confirms their place on my reservation list.  I do advise my new families of temperament and potential suitability of each puppy, plus my recommendations for particular puppies with the reasons why.  The final choice being with the new family.  I never reserve puppies on colour and sex, it is the temperament and suitability between puppy and the new home that is my top priority. I cannot promise you will receive your first choice colour/sex.

If it ever occurs that a puppy is to be kept back as a breeding potential then the breeder will always have first choice across the litter.

How are your puppies socialised?

My puppies will be raised in my home and be used to the noise of the daily hoovering, radio, doors banging and the general comings and goings of a household. The puppies are picked up and held in different positions everyday, exposed to different walking surfaces and a rotation of different play toys. When in the garden the puppies will interact with my adult dogs, explore the garden; hear planes, lawn mowers, neighbours and the general outdoor noises.

Puppies are encouraged in toilet training early on and will be exposed to as much as possible to allow them to cope with the transition to your home and to develop their steady, companionable, resilient temperaments. Every puppy I have bred has settled into their new surroundings wonderfully due to the daily care and socialisation effort I have put into the pups.

What do we receive with our puppy?

Firstly, and most importantly my commitment and support for the lifetime of the dog. In basic terms I will be there at any time of the day or night if there is a worry or a question, I will additionally assist by taking back the puppy, or grown dog at any time in his/her life should there be a change in family circumstance and the dogs needs cannot be met anymore.

Secondly, you will receive 4 weeks free pet insurance, raw food that pup has been weaned on, food bags of recommended kibble alternatives, training treats, advice booklet on what to expect from a new puppy, a duty of care contract, a cuddly toy with mum’s scent on it, worming with Drontal at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks old, microchip details, and a 3 generation certificate issued by the ALAEu, all presented in a useful pack.

What do you want from us as a potential puppy owner?

The truth and honesty. My pups MUST attend training classes, they MUST be socialised properly with people, dogs, animals and the external environment. You MUST walk them everyday whether it be hail, snow, sleet or rain. You HAVE to put in the effort.  I put in the effort raising the best and healthiest puppies I can and I expect my pups to have the best future.

If you are not going to attend training classes, or you attend a token couple of weeks, if you think it’s raining the dog can exercise in the garden, if you expect a puppy to be obedient and walk to heel because you think they do that automatically without effort, if you want the dream of a nice pretty obedient dog without putting in the effort, then please do not call me.

My pups will bring joy and laughter to your lives, but you have to be honest with yourself first, can you commit and can you put the effort in?

What if I have a holiday already booked and puppy is still very young?

Firstly, if you cannot take the puppy with you as the holiday is outside the UK then please check to see if you have a family member who will look after the puppy and continue with training and key socialisation. I give you as the new owner approximately 4mths advance notice of when puppy should be collected. Any puppies left with me longer than 9weeks old will require a small charge to cover food, toilet training, socialisation and training.

Does it matter where we are located in relation to you?

Not at all. I have Australian Labradoodle puppies in Kent, London, Somerset, Essex, Sussex, Midlands, Suffolk, Wales, Scotland, Yorkshire, Cheshire and Lancashire, as well as Switzerland, Germany and France. It is finding the right home that is important to me.

Can you send a puppy abroad?

Yes, I have experience of sending a puppy to Europe and welcome serious enquiries from committed and excellent homes. The puppy will need to stay with me until they are 15weeks old and will require further worming, flea treatment, second vaccination and rabies vaccination. I will also continue with puppy training and key socialisation, therefore an additional charge of £600 will be required to accommodate the extra vet care and further 6 weeks stay with me.

Puppies going to live in Switzerland, Austria, Denmark and Finland can leave at 10weeks old via a pet carrier company or flying with the owner which is a must cheaper option, using a Vari Sky medium travel crate.


If you have any questions at all please contact me on 0161 7483842 / 07711 950825.

I can also refer you to current owners who can share their experiences of taking on a puppy from me.