Ethel is a third generation Northbound girl and is a gentle bumbling, happy dog, just as her mother was when she was growing up. 


Ethel is very much a clone of her mother Petra and as such it’s lovely to watch her growing into a graceful, elegant and gentle soul.

Ethel is calm, intuitive and quick to learn.  She is a lovely girl in the home, and a great family pet. Out on walks she loves to run and can really stretch her legs. She is a delight to watch.

Ethel is a different colour to describe, she started off dark chocolate then diluted, but sometimes she is darker and sometimes lighter. She isn't chocolate, but isn't café, and isn't silver beige. One Northbound owner described her colour as a 'beautiful mink.'


Ethel lives in a guardian home with another Northbound bred dog.


Registration:  WALA-00013850

Coat:  Cafe Mixed, fleece

Size:  Medium 23”/ 19kg

Testing Hips/Elbows: OFA • Eyes: BVA • Tested For: PRa, Vwd, DM, EIC, IC.  bbEESSKBKB