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Elsa is our lovely happy, scatterbrain red-head, and the sister of Jovie.

Elsa lives close by in a family guardian home and adores her young charges. 


Elsa is an exceptionally pretty dog, but more importantly than that she has a temperament that is typical Australian Labradoodle; eager to learn, bouncy, friendly, happy-go-lucky and active.

Elsa has a low chase drive and tends not to run off when off lead...although this is also down to how much recall training has been completed.

Size:  Medium 17.5-18”/ c.14kg

Coat:  Red Tuxedo, fleece

Testing Hips/Elbows: OFA • Eyes: BVA • Tested For: PRa, Vwd, DM, EIC, IC.  BBeeSspKBKB
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