I had been looking to keep a girl from the mating between Hilda & Timmy, but once this boy was born I just could not stop watching him. From early on he held great eye contact, was oh so affable, and just a beautifully put together puppy.  I could not help but change my mind and keep him to be my future breeding stud.

Magnus is going to be living in a guardian home not far from me where he will be loved, trained and raised. 

Registration: WALA-0000 tbc

Colour:  Cafe tuxedo, fleece

Size:  Small medium c.18"

Hips:  tbc

Elbows:  tbc

BVA Eye:  tbc

Tested for:  PRa, Vwd, DM, EIC, IC 

Genotype:  bbEe kykyatat ss

chocolate tuxedo.jpg
Northbound chocolate labradoodle puppy.j
Northbound tuxedo parti phantom labradoo
Northbound australian labradoodle puppy.