Rosie is a pretty tri-phantom girl and the daughter of Hilda and Timmy.  Rosie has definitely inherited her mothers looks and her fathers chunky build.


Rosie will start off a chocolate colour and slowly dilute to a pretty cafe tone, Photos will be added to show this lovely change.

Rosie is living in a guardian home environment and enjoying family life and great walks.  I look forward to welcoming Rosie back for cuddles in the future.

Registration:  WALA-00039617

Colour: choc tri-phantom, fleece

Size:  Small medium, c.18" 

Hips:  tbc

Elbows:  tbc 

BVA Eye:  tbc

Tested for:  PRa Vwd DM EIC IC 

Genotype: bbEe Ss kyky atat

phantom labradoodle.jpg
phantom labradoodle puppy.jpg
tri phantom labradoodle.jpg
phantom australian labradoodle.jpg