Advance notice of 2021 price rise

Apologies. But due to rising costs the price of my puppies will be slightly higher from January 2021 litters onwards. This should hopefully provide all interested homes with enough advance notice (from Aug19). Thank you

Top Stars !

Breeding licence awarded again! I have achieved again a high rating and exceptional praise after a 2.5hr inspection. All breeders, even those who raise their dogs and puppies in the home like myself, should hold a licence. We can only improve pet breeding if great breeders like myself lead the way and raise standards, and…
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Exporting Puppies

I have a number of enquiries each week regarding exporting pet puppies abroad. Until the 31st October 2019, as a breeder I cannot be sure what the situation is. Currently pups can travel to Europe at 15weeks old. If we finish with a Brexit no deal, it may be that puppies cannot travel until they…
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Introducing Hilda

I am exceptionally proud to introduce a new Australian Labradoodle girl who has joined my small breeding programme. Hilda, is from overseas and has been raised by an exceptional breeder. This little puppy will continue my focus on temperament and health…plus a stunning look. Her markings are called ‘phantom’ and as she has three colours…
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The Dream Dog

This is an interesting read for prospective puppy owners.


Over the last few years I have made myself readily available for puppy seeking homes to spend 2-4hrs a time discussing my dogs, health certificates, feeding, grooming, care etc… These meetings are super for new owners and great for myself. We build up strong early relationships which continue once the family has taken their puppy…
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Available Puppy

** This puppy now has a home, thank you ** I have an exceptional male puppy seeking his forever home. He has a lovely white, non-shedding, straighter fleece coat, with a sweet black button nose and dark eyes. He has a placid, gentle temperament and enjoys play and cuddles.  I honestly cannot understand why he…
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WALA Membership

A new Australian Labradoodle association was set up this month by established breeders across America and Canada. Northbound was the first breeder across the U.K. and Europe to join in December, and I look forward to building on new and existing overseas relationships. Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association (WALA) * The aim of WALA is to…
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Pregnancy Confirmed

Exciting news here at Northbound HQ. We will soon be hearing the pitter patter of tiny paws.  Any puppy availability will be detailed here and on my Facebook page; Northbound Australian Labradoodles UK in mid-January 2019. …or just follow our FB Page to see our puppy progress and Northbound news updates.

2018 : a busy year

The focus this year has not been on the breeding but the background work.  As you will have noticed, so far this year I have: ** created a beautiful new website. ** continued with my ALAEU registration for the fifth year. ** joined the ALAA  ** assessed and passed a Council Approved Breeding Licence. **…
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