2024 Planned Litters

I am often asked by existing owners of Northbound Dogs what my future plans are, or by homes who are planning ahead for their new family member.

As best as I can, I have attached my girls who will be mated, although timings may not be exact.

Planned Litters for 2024


Dolly & Clark


Ready for homes Jan '24

Small Standard

                 c.20"-22"                  Caramel / Chocolate

Wonderfully friendly, nicely active & very people focused puppies.  Both parents love curling up on the sofa after a long walk or a weekend in the Campervan.


Meg & Silas

Australian Labradoodle Red parti

Ready for homes Jan '24

Large Mini - Small Medium


                    c.17-18"                     Red/Choc parti/roan colours

A wonderful striking litter of beautiful patterned coats. 

Super sweet and adorable gentle dogs.


Cassie & Clark


Ready for homes Jun '24


               c.19-20"                 Choc & Caramel

Two very easy and steady parents will no doubt create amazing puppies and very suited to first time owners.


Dora & Amos

black australian labradoodle.jpg

Ready for homes Apr '24


               c.18-19"                 Black, chocolate, caramel, white

Two easy and steady parents will no doubt create amazing, happy and playful puppies.


Bess & Clark


Ready for homes Jan '24

Large Medium - Small Standard

c.120-21"  Chocolate, cream

Active Bess will have a calm and active partner in Clark.  Great temperaments and suitable for homes who love walks, and a nice sized dog.


Saffy & Morse

roan labradoodle

Ready for homes TBC '24



Choc Parti/Roan

Fun, comical, bright and playful.  This will be a great litter for all homes looking for a supe companion.


Jovie & Amos

Ready for homes TBC '24

Small Medium


                   c.17"-19"                Red, black, chocolate, caramel with white markings

Sweet, happy go lucky, nicely active dogs suitable for all homes.

Apricot ALD.jpg

Bridget & Teppo

Ready for homes TBC '24




Red / Apricot


A small litter expected, from active parents that are people focused and love playing with other dogs.       


Red Australian Labradoodle

Elsa & Shep

Ready for homes TBC '24

 Small Medium


                  c.17"-19"                 Red 

A striking litter. Happy, easy going, gentle and intuitive pups.

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Ideal owners

I only take on future owners who are committed to TRAINING, OFF LEAD EXERCISE and RAISING A DOG PROPERLY. 

All my puppies come with the following:

  • Worming at 2, 4, 6 & 8 weeks with Drontal

  • First vaccination at 7 weeks old (Lepto 2), plus vet check

  • Stinky toy that smells of Mum and siblings

  • Pet puppy contract

  • Weaned onto a quality raw food

  • Microchipped

  • Early socialisation

  • Puppy guide covering essential purchases, feeding,  grooming, early care & training

  • My continued professional support for the life of the dog

I do not sell my dogs with breeding rights or permit any contracted pet dogs to be used for breeding.  I will only consider established breeders in Europe or overseas who belong to the Alaeu, Wala or Alaa. 

Well behaved dogs aren’t born perfect (as much as I try!), it takes my early socialisation and key stimulation, and your positive, rewards based training via regular obedience classes or a 1-1 trainer to achieve the dog you want.

Please note, I DO NOT SELL breeding dogs, or allow breeding rights.

My puppies are pet homes only and there is no deviation or negotiation on this.

An Australian Labradoodle can live for up to 15 years and require regular weekly grooming and care.

They are highly intelligent, exceedingly sociable and active dogs. 

They are NOT teddy bears or fur babies. They need owners who have common sense, a proactive nature and a love of being outdoors and investing time in training.

Waiting List Process :

  • usually via an initial enquiry email telling me all about yourself, lifestyle, family, home and work situation. 

  • I will reply within 48hours and request a zoom chat with you lasting about 30-45mins. 

  • Following the Zoom meeting I will email you to recap our conversation along with my payment information to proceed.


  1. To reserve a place on my waiting list for a Pet Puppy, a non-refundable £300 deposit is required.

  2. Once your puppy litter is born and you can commit to a puppy, then a further £600 is requested.

  3. The final amount is due just prior to collection. (Puppy price maybe subject to change)

Once puppy is born :

A whole host of exciting things happen. 

  1. You will be emailed a new born litter photo and given key dates for puppy choosing, puppy take home and vaccination dates for your calendar.

  2. You will be invited to join my Northbound owners private Facebook group to follow videos and photos of your litter plus you can pull on the support and guidance of all my experienced owners, as well as the mass of advice I provide.

  3. You will be emailed a detailed 70 page plus Northbound Puppy Guide that covers everything from; what to buy, how to take puppy home, how and what to feed and training advice.

  4. You will be invited to join my PuppyCam to watch your litter grow.

  5. You will receive weekly emails to make sure you are prepared and have 'tasks' to do and research

  6. and so much more....

Puppies are terribly hard work.

They require immense dedication, time and the commitment to attend regular training sessions to achieve the dog you dream of.