WALA Membership

WALA Membership

A new Australian Labradoodle association was set up this month by established breeders across America and Canada. Northbound was the first breeder across the U.K. and Europe to join in December, and I look forward to building on new and existing overseas relationships.

Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association (WALA)

* The aim of WALA is to work collaboratively with other reputable Australian Labradoodle breeders across the world.

* To inspire the continuing improvement of the Australian Labradoodle and Labradoodle breeds through education, communication, and integrity in breeders and owners.

* To be the organisation that unites worldwide Australian Labradoodle breeders in a mutual commitment to the long-term benefits of high standards in breeding practices and the cooperative building of a comprehensive and accurate database to preserve pedigrees and health information.