2018 : a busy year

2018 : a busy year

The focus this year has not been on the breeding but the background work.  As you will have noticed, so far this year I have:

** created a beautiful new website.

** continued with my ALAEU registration for the fifth year.

** joined the ALAA 

** assessed and passed a Council Approved Breeding Licence.

** have Nancy and Margot join the Northbound family. 



Simple….(apart from my sadistic need to be heavily scrutinised !)

My registration to two out of the three Australian Labradoodle breeding organisations (Alaeu, Alaa, Alca) allows me to not only have my pedigrees and health tests scrutinised by two different organisations; one European based and one American based. But it allows me to check pedigrees and health tests so I can make sure that I am happy with the lines I am using as well as networking with good breeders.  I can also make a more informed decision about who I will and will not work with according to the lines and the way they breed.

My website definitely needed an overhaul and my new site allows me to hopefully show off more photos of my puppies from you, my puppy owners. It is also a site that I hope will be informative and assist others in making that right choice when committing to a dog for the next 15yrs.


The breeding licence, not something I needed as I do not breed four litters and more a year, but something I personally wanted in order to show that I am confident in my breeding ingrity. The feedback from the inspector included comments such as; ‘has never met a breeder before with such comprehensive records and health testing. That my dogs welfare is obviously the priority and that I should consider myself at the very top of my field and I should be exceptionally proud of what I am achieving’.
Both inspectors mentioned that they wished all breeders were as invested, as conscientious and as passionate as I am.


The introduction of new breeding lines is a long term investment to open up my coi, genetic and health diversity. This was on sound advice given to me years ago from a veteran Crufts Champion breeder.


So moving into the last part of 2018, we finally look forward to the patter of puppy paws and watching with pride our passion move into the homes who have been patiently waiting for their new additions for over 18mths now.