ALAA Acceptance

ALAA Acceptance

I am over the moon to announce that I have recently been accepted into the prestigious ALAA organisation.  I am the only breeder in the U.K. to be accepted into the Alaa (Australian Labradoodle Association of America).

This has taken around 6months of pedigree analysis and submitting of health tests and puppy contracts.

Additionally I am only one of two U.K. breeders to belong to the Alaeu (Australian Labradoodle Association of Europe).

For puppy seekers, this is a phenomenal reassurance that I am breeding to an exceptionally high standard. That my dogs are independently checked as being Australian Labradoodles and that I can never cut corners in terms of my role as a breeder or the health tests I perform.

Why do other breeders not join…simple, it costs money, it demands a high level of health testing, breeding lines have to be 100% genuine and it’s a whole lot of effort !!

I have trusted relationships with overseas and European breeders already and look to build on that in the future.